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Thailand Q&A : 9 things you wanted to know

Thailand Q&A

I’ve never done a Q&A, which is ridiculous because I can now actually give out information people want to know. Soz. Since relocating to Thailand, I’ve been receiving lots of Q’s on random things from Visas to Massages, I did answer some of them on my post about relocating here – but now I got more for ya.

thailand questions

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I asked you guys to send me questions on Facebook and Instagram, I picked the ones that would appeal to the masses:
  • Is Thailand a good place to take small children with you on Holiday? Or rather leave them at home?

It all depends where you go, Patong is hectic for kids – but a 10-minute drive away is Karon, which is fabulous for families. The beaches and resorts in Thailand are family friendly, but I am saying that being from a beach town so I’m pretty comfortable in the ocean. There are hardly any waves here in comparison to South Africa, so I find the ocean super relaxed and basically float away for hours. I think Thailand can be great for families, there are endless beaches, beautiful temples and jungles to explore – it’s not all about the buckets!


  • Best hotels to stay in Patong – not too cheap or expensive

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Booking.com. When I say there is a hotel for everyone, I’m not kidding. There are also zero booking fees and they’re VERY reliable, I’ve used them non-stop since being in Thailand. You can pick up a nice-ish hotel for 800baht a night.


  • Can you only teach English? Are there any other kinds of job opportunities?

Since I was here in 2013, the opportunities have grown exponentially. I’m about to start an IT Recruitment/Marketing position in the heart of Patong. There’s also plenty modeling/acting roles, if you’re into that kinda thing! Check out the local job pages on Facebook eg: Phuket Jobs.


  • Can you live on $500/R7000?

Nope. It’s not that cheap. Your starting salary here is 30 000Baht, and you can live pretty comfortably on that if you’re not too extravagant.


  • Do you get a massage every single day?

Don’t be ridiculous – every second day.


  • Can you live by the ocean? Or are there only jobs in the cities?

You can find teaching positions/jobs in the cities far easier than near the ocean and the ‘prettier’ places. In saying that, there are pros to living in they city; it’s easier to get around and far cheaper to live. There are places to work/live by the ocean but you’re going to have to dig a bit more – very doable.


  • What items are expensive?

Sunscreen and alcohol.

  • How do you get around? What form of transportation do you use?

I know a lot of tourists use scooters/motor bikes – I don’t want to die young so I don’t. You can take scooter taxis that the locals drive, much cheaper than tuk tuks and proper taxis. I really like the local shuttles, its 30baht a trip. Otherwise, there’s this thing called walking.


  • Is it unbearably humid?

Depends on the time of year, right now (Feb) it’s absolutely amazing. Monsoon season is from May – November, Thailand basically has two seasons – HOT and rain. I’m from Durban in South Africa, so I’m used to a bit of humidity, it’s not that bad for me. Most of the hotels/hostels have AC and otherwise… hit the beach and suck it up. Just a hint… when it rains, it pours. Don’t bother with jeans or long-sleeved shirts.

Thanks so much for sending in your questions, if you have more, please pop them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you!

Lots of butterfly farts,

Tam x


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