How to survive the flu in a foreign country!

March 29, 2016
survive the flu in a foreign country

So, I don’t experience man-flu, nor do I suffer from any exaggerated form of flu-ness. Flu is a horrible little cretin and the thought of having to survive the flu in a foreign country is simply terrifying! How will I get better without my tried and tested methods from the comfort of my homeland??

Fear not, I have tested the waters, and the rumours aren’t true; you will survive! I completely understand that flu is terrible, and unbeknownst to men, we all suffer pretty much the same.

BUT – the game changes when you have flu in a foreign country. I believe the blame lies on the media, there are always report of these “strains” of killer flus (I understand some are completely true, not an idiot), but the fear heightens when you’re in the Thai jungle and you get a particularly nasty case of the sniffles. I recently got bronchitis and flu back to back, making something of a master after 3 rounds of medication.

survive the flu in a foreign country

Without further coughing, here are my 5 tips on how to survive flu in a foreign country!

  1. – Realise you are not dying.
  2. – Try and catch it early as you would at home. Head down to a local Pharmacy, the Pharmacist normally speaks a bit of English, and if you point to your throat, stomach etc you should be able to get the message across.
  3. – Take the time to get better. When I arrived in Thailand 3 years ago, I got horribly sick and still punished several buckets that night. Don’t be me, take a full day, knock yourself out with flu-meds and sleep it off. We’re bustling from place to place and we exhaust our bodies, add the flu virus and our immune systems don’t stand a chance. A time-out for a day or two will result in you looking better in photos rather than a red-nosed miserable bitch.
  4. – First look for recognisable brands. Not only will it settle your mind that you’re trying mysterious drugs, you know how your body reacts to the ‘normal’ medication and there won’t be any surprises like a funky rash that no one wants to mention. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try sample the local remedies, in South-East Asia the natural herbs in a bottle nasal clearer are absolutely amazing. They not only clear your nose, it helps with the dizziness and headaches!
  5. – Go see a bladdy doctor. I’m writing this one mainly to please my parents; I’m notoriously known to extending that visit to the Doctor/Hospital until I’m knocking on death’s door. How do you find a Doctor? In crazy tourist spots like Patong, Thailand there are great International Clinics that have great Doctors, I would recommend doing a quick Google search and finding the one with the most positive reviews and least amounts of death. Alternatively, head straight to the hospital. This may see drastic, but the Doctors there can also help you with your less drastic ailments. If you’re in a smaller unknown village, they will also speak the best English at the Hospitals.

Now my friends, I take the topic of flu very seriously. I actually waited until I was out of the darkest depth of sickness before writing this, you know, in case I died. My tips helped me to survive the flu in a foreign country. Truth.

Does anyone know any other really cool flu remedies that I could try? Hit me up on either Facebook or Twitter!

Love you lots like snotty cloths,



survive the flu in a foreign country


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