Travel Tuesday – Lotus Field in Siem Reap, Cambodia

September 13, 2016
lotus fields in siem reap

The Lotus Field in Siem Reap, Cambodia is probably one of my favourite photo opportunities of all time. I wasn’t even looking for the field but it presented itself so beautifully, I couldn’t ignore it. The lotus field that I saw was on the side of the road as you head to the dock for the floating village. You do not have to pay to view them but they do have a donation box as walk toward the field and a couple dollars are always greatly appreciated.

A brief history…

You get two types of lotus flowers, pink and white. Although the Chinese, Vietnamese and many foreigners prefer the pink for its beauty and tasty seeds, it is the white that is favoured by the Khmer people. They eat the fleshy seeds of the pink lotus, but they believe the white is for religious purposes and offerings. The lotus blossom represents purity and is seen as the most sacred flower to all those who practice the Buddhist faith.

My favourite bit of research I’ve found is the rumour that the lotus blossom looks like 10 fingers in prayer which is the reason it has such a high status and religious connection.

Is it worth seeing the Lotus Field in Siem Reap?

  • With the history aside, a visit to the lotus field is absolutely breathtaking and if you have the time, try fit in a little meditation time
  • If it’s a must-see on your list, make sure the fields are in flower at the time of your visit
  • Although not as conservative as Angkor Wat, try dress respectfully
  • Bring lots of water in the warmer season

Enjoy the pictures and comment below if you’ve been to the lotus fields! Would love to see your pics. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Love from,

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lotus field in siem reap

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lotus field in siem reap

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lotus field in siem reap

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