5 crazy things you’ll only find in South Korea

March 6, 2017

I’ve been in South Korea for a total of 5 days and I LOVE IT. It usually takes me a bit longer to come to a conclusion on how I feel about a place, but this place kicks ass. Granted it was my birthday over the weekend and we made missions up to Seoul, but I feel I’ve already established a short list of what I think is unique to Korea in a short amount of time.

I will be doing a first impressions post of Korea later this week, but for now, enjoy what I have uncovered so far!

south korea

As always, a disclaimer. These things might appear in other countries that I have not visited, in my experience, however, they are unique to South Korea.

5 crazy things you’ll only find in South Korea

  • The towels are tiny. I laughed pretty loud when the friendly guy at the hostel handed over our towels. Max one boobie and butt cheek were covered during the use of said towel. Never go to the communal showers without bringing a change of clothes, there is no way you’re keeping your holy bits covered with a tea towel.
  • There is one type of alcohol. Not quite, but close. One word that covers all hangovers and bad choices: Soju. I was told EVERYONE drinks this, but to my complete surprise – EVERYONE drinks this. Some menus have only beers and Soju. It’s ridiculously cheap and pretty easy to drink; think vodka lemonade watered down that has been sitting in your car for two years. Luckily, it doesn’t give you a hangover. Not.

South Korea

  • People spit, and that’s OK. Now, this is pretty common in other countries BUT what is unique to Korea is that they’ll look as wealthy as ever whilst clearing their throats and spraying the remains on the pavement. It’s not considered rude – so practice keeping the disgust off your face – something I have yet to master.
  • Private drinking rooms. So, picture you and your mates going to a bar and then being shown to a private room with no one else to drink with other than yourselves. It’s basically like your own private house party with a waiter who brings your drinks when you ring a bell. No lies about the bell – I kinda went nuts over that bell.
  • You can’t show your shoulders. This is humorous to me because you can wear a leotard with tights and be fine, but share a fraction of your shoulder and controversial glances commence. I feel that if I were here in summer, I would find this one incredibly difficult.

South Korea

I love traveling and discovering these differences between countries. As soon as I touch down in another country, I get an excited buzz that I just can’t shake. There is so much to see in this world and South Korea, we’re just getting started!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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  • Reply Joanne March 7, 2017 at 15:01

    Awesome. Have a fab time! South Korea is great. If you have a chance visit Jeju. We lived there for a year. Such a beautiful little island and such a lovely time of year to visit it. Lol at the leotard and no shoulder thing. And the spitting thing never did get used to that!

    • Reply tammylambson March 8, 2017 at 09:07

      Thanks so much! I love it when people recommend places to me – so thank you 🙂

  • Reply Austen Gordon August 21, 2017 at 08:30

    Never go to the communal showers without bringing a change of clothes, there is no way you’re keeping your holy bits covered with a tea towel.- haha, soon you will prance around naked with the best of them. I have seen amazing things go down in the communal showers!

    Have you been to a jimjilbang yet?

    • Reply tammylambson August 21, 2017 at 16:45

      I was only in South Korea in March – hopefully going back next year for a bit so I can get to explore more of it 🙂

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