Love from Lamb Podcast – #CountdownTo30

I’ve been blogging for over four years and my favourite part has been connecting with other humans. I started this blog because I had something to say and I felt disconnected in Thailand. There was this urge to encourage others to live a different life that I was then experiencing. We’re not all meant to live out our lives in the same way and Thailand showed me that anything is possible.

I didn’t know much about blogging and I struggled to fully understand how to monetize it. When I found out what I was ‘meant’ to be doing – I just didn’t feel inclined to do it. I did a couple sponsored posts with links or reviews and it didn’t feel… Lamb. I struggled to get behind the idea of sponsored trips or networking with other bloggers. Initially, I thought it was what I wanted, but that changed with age. I felt that the moment I turned this website into my main source of income it became tainted somehow. The passion no longer drove it – it was the money. Turning it back into my passion has made me fall in love all over again.

How do I move forward?

My urge for human connection still exists and I’ve found that through my Instagram Stories, people have reached out the most. A human voice makes it more personable and it feels like you’re chatting with a friend. I want that vibe through my podcast. I liked the idea and when I found out it was within my means – I decided to go with it. I needed a fresh start and that came with a new logo. It took me years to find out the vibe I wanted and my designer, Sharon Ninow, brought that to life for me. We did the entire thing online and many a Pinterest board was shared. I’ve put her email address below my logo if you want some of her epic touches on your branding.


What will the Love from Lamb podcast be about?

I’m approaching 30 and I’ve written about it before – I’m in the throes of working out what that means. Decades ago this would’ve been a very different situation; I wouldn’t have had the freedom I’m experiencing now. I wouldn’t have all these beautiful choices I have now. With that knowledge, I understand my privilege and I want to use it. There are people worried about turning 30 because they feel like they aren’t enough. They’re not living up to some societal truth that, in turn, makes them feel inadequate.

With this podcast, I want to delve into finding your own truth through the pressure. I’ve been an incredibly honest blogger since I started and I find more truth in a tone of voice. It sounds more familiar and comforting. There is a lot of pressure on the ‘new woman’ to have it all and we hardly find any peace through the chaos. I want this podcast to go into the craziness that goes on in my mind every single day; try to peel back the layers of my anxiety and find some structure to my thoughts.


My new logo by Sharon Ninow –

I’m a little crazy and I splash humour onto every awkward moment. I’ve very excited about this next chapter and I hope you’ll join me. I will still be writing, my love for writing continues, but I want to bring in a fresh new way to reach my audience. I’m hoping this podcast will bring me even closer to all you incredible humans.

See you next week!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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