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Teaching in Thailand – My thoughts and experience…

Now this I had to share; from my experience with kids, which is limited. I hate kids. Moving on…

From my LIMITED experience with kids, I am continuously baffled at how respectful and disciplined Thai kids are. I ain’t making this up… its for realsie and its insane:

1.) In Thailand the kids put their hands in prayer, raise their hands to just above their noses, slightly bow their heads and say good morning. To. Every. Teacher. From. Every. Student. So. In. The. Beginning. It’s. Like. Wow. Statement. And. Then. It. Gets. Annoying. Like. What. I’m. Doing. Right. Now.

Once a week I have to stand by the gate to greet the students and their parents entering the school, and every student does this. I later found out this is a respectful greeting to those that are ‘higher’ than you. They will put down items they are holding to be able to manage this greeting properly and will stop dead in their tracks to do so. Please take a moment to picture what I was like the first time they did this to me-  ”I AM A GOD!!” came across my mind and “Clumsy ass kid you dropped your shit on the road!!”

2.) The normal “teachermayIgotothetoiletplease” is pretty standard in most parts of the world but the cracker is that once they have been to the toilet and have returned to the classroom door – they then knock – open the door slightly – bow AGAIN and ask:  ”Teacher may I come in please?” Say what now. “Um… ya totes.” Was my first response.

3.) Teacher day. I was very happy about a day celebrating my new-found “Teacher-ness” – I was expecting a couple chocolates and badly written cards that I would ‘totally keep and take home with me.’ Instead the ENTIRE school day is written off because every student brings flowers to be given to Teeeaaacherrrr. What. Please bare in mind that there are 2500 students at my school. I honestly looked like Boy George on National Spring Day. I couldn’t carry all my flowers. What could they possibly want in return? A well wish for the year. I’m sorry, if Mrs Lambson came up to me and told me to go pick some flowers for your teacher so she could wish you well for the year… I would prob go pick the fooking flowers (mommy was scary sometimes.) But I would not see the ritual or the significance behind it. Some of my students came to find me in my office afterwards because they never got the chance to give me flowers during the ceremony. They honestly adore their teachers. I would’ve sat and maybe farted on my teachers flowers before handing them to her. Mwahahahaaa I have one up on you bitch.

4.) Whether you agree with this or not is irrelevant as its Thai culture and its the way they do things here; the kids still get hit here. If they are late, they stand in a line and get a whip on their ass with a bamboo stick. They still love their teachers and understand why they are getting into trouble. If their hair is too long their teacher hacks off chunks of hair at the back of their head. I walked into a lesson to see a teacher smiling and hacking away. The children sat their laughing. Thought it was hilarious. Even the chaps sitting their looking like their blind aunt had taken a pair of scissors to the back of their heads thought it was worth a laugh. They looked fucking ridiculous so I felt it alright to point and laugh at them too. If my teacher had to destroy my hair or whip my ass; that bitch would be dead to me. Like written off. Rejected on Facebook.

Maybe I never liked my teachers but I seriously cannot wrap my head the love these students have for their teachers. Its genuine and extremely beautiful to witness <3

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