Why you SHOULD date a girl who travels…

A girl that travels knows how to appreciate the beauty in everything she sees.

She has seen the sun rise over Angkor and yet still smiles at the familiar one from her window.

She will appreciate the smallest gestures and smile at strangers.

A girl that travels never gets bored, there is an undying urge to experience the new, weird and unfamiliar, whether home or abroad and she wants to take you along with her.

A girl that travels doesn’t want trends hanging in her closet or expensive perfume. She is not materialistic.

There is no need to spend a large amount on a girl that travels, rather buy her some incense sticks to remind her of the smells of Thailand or send her a song that takes her back to Dublin.

She will dress up, for you. But know that shoes make her uncomfortable and tight dresses feel like restraints.

She has a deep respect for everyone, tolerating unwanted company and conversation. A girl that travels will be away, a lot, but she will never forget you.

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You might not hear from her, but she tells the travellers she meets all about you. She will break down doors to secure a WiFi spot long enough to send out an email, she misses you.

She appreciates the journey; the car/bike/walk/trot/paddle will often be the bit she remembers most.

She turns frustration into laughter; running out of gas turns into a hysterical memory.

A girl that travels isn’t lost; she has found herself and is happy with the result. She will sit in silence and be happy; her mind is talking to her.

A girl who travels has stories and is always in the planning process to make more… If she likes you, she will always come home to you and, for once, she might even look forward to coming home too.


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