How to enrich your travels…


Never stop reading…

I find the more I read up on travel the more enriched my journey becomes. Don’t just take in what you see, know what you are looking at. Before travelling to Angkor I must have put nearly 10 hours into historical research, I found it made me more respectful of my surroundings knowing the history of the incredible sights around me.

Don’t be shy to sit at your laptop for hours or on a dusty library floor with an atlas in front of you. Ask questions and search for answers,  travel blogs and fellow travellers share their tales to inspire others and to share the wonders of the world.

Let us try learn more about our travel destinations, together.

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  • ladyofthezoos

    May 17, 2014 at 21:47

    Well said! I’m compulsive about reading about a place before I visit and before I even decide to visit, learn about it’s history and it’s hidden secrets. Reading widely about a place is a must to discover it’s hidden gems and off the beaten path locales and shops that you would have never known about if you’d never read about them.


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