What I have learnt from Chang Beer…

What I have learnt from Chang Beer...

…sharing my wisdom to the uneducated. Some of these experiences are my own. Not all, I promise.

1.) Don’t drink it. Ever.
2.) Don’t drink it if you ever want to make good life decisions.
3.) Drinking Chang will make you think you hate the Scottish.
4.) Drinking Chang will make you think gymnastics on Patong beach at 4am is a good idea.
5.) Chang does not make you a gymnast.
6.) Chang makes you attracted to strippers, male and female.
7.) Chang makes you bisexual.
8.) Drinking Chang will allow you to get lucky.
9.) Chang is another word for ‘foggy beer goggles’
10.) Chang makes you smuggle kittens in your bag for fear of them getting eaten by locals.
11.) Drinking Chang makes McDonalds taste better, even though you can’t remember it.
12.) Drinking Chang gives you the courage to crash a 5 Star Hotel Party.
13.) Chang makes you believe a quiet Hotel Reception is a Hotel Party.
14.) Chang brings people together.
15.) Chang does not prevent STD’s.


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