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Travel Tips for getting around Angkor Wat, Cambodia

taken by Travel With Lamb

taken by Travel With Lamb

Travel Tips for getting around Angkor Wat, Siem Reap

Are you a celeb or pleb? Best you decide before you pick your transport. Be honest with yourself, cause at the end of the day you want to be able to enjoy the experience!

Again, this post is based on my own experience and these are my opinions. Please proceed…

Travel Options for seeing Angkor Wat (Over 1-3days)

1.) By bike. I salute you people. This depends on your fitness level as there is a lot of land to cover. Remember, it’s $20 for a day pass and $40 for a 3-day pass. I would definitely recommend opting for the 3-day in this instance. I see no point in panting 90% of the time just to see all the sites before the day is up. Bikes can range from $3 to $8 for daily rental and can be easily found at hostels, bike shops etc. Ask your receptionist at the backpackers if you don’t come right.

2.) Tuk-Tuk Driver. My option. This was awesome, we met our driver the previous night at the bus station and there was just a connection. He spoke English, that was the connection. We were able to hire him for the ENTIRE day for just $15. I have lived in Dubai, London and Phuket. This is a BARGAIN. What also made it worthwhile was his knowledge of Siem Reap, he took us to hidden gems that I wouldn’t have noticed if I was on a bike slowly dying. Please remember to keep your driver fed and hydrated during the day! It will cost you nothing and mean everything to them.

taken by Travel With Lamb

taken by Travel With Lamb

3.) Group tours. If you are with 5+ mates, I would recommend this option. If you are serious history buffs and want to take in every detail of the world’s largest religious structure, group tours are ideal. You get a tour guide that leads you through Angkor, giving you a detailed description of what is in front of you. There are many tourism centres scattered around Siem Reap city, walk in and simply book.

4.) Private tours. Excuse us. I can imagine this to be a rather luxurious way to experience Angkor, which kills it for me honestly. Then I always remember that travel is subjective and everyone should be given the chance to enjoy it by their own preferences. You can see a selection of personal tours HERE – http://bit.ly/1v24YJp

Either way it’s something that every traveller has to see. Angkor Wat is by far the most incredible experience of my life and if one person is motivated to visit Siem Reap after reading this post, then my job is done.

taken by Travel With Lamb

taken by Travel With Lamb


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