UrbanLoveZA & One in a Million merge for #MandelaDay

Nelson Mandela spent 67 years making the world a better place, what’s 67 minutes?

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“The celebration of Mandela Day aims to serve as a global call to action for people to “recognise their individual power to make an imprint and help change the world around them for the better”, says the Nelson Mandela Foundation.”  

#MandelaDay 2014 – #Time2Serve

Clean your streets by creating a mural of Madiba, all in the name of rhino conservation… in 67 minutes. It seems unreachable, but two incredible NPO’s created a way to turn #MadibaDay into a creative awareness campaign.

Did you know that you can produce highly targeted and beautiful images/messages using only water, a template and a bit of elbow grease? Reverse graffiti, otherwise known as Green Graffiti, is a completely legal expression of art and the results are incredible. Using a dirty wall as a free canvas, you can create a message, a voice and a long-lasting image, completely green.

Reverse Graffiti on #MandelaDay

Reverse Graffiti on #MandelaDay

Reverse Graffiti has reached Ballito shores by @UrbanLoveZA making their mark this past Mr Price Pro. Overnight, they transformed an 11m dirt-ridden wall into a beach-themed work of art with local businesses scrambling to be a part of Green Advertising.

The team boasts two graphic designers and a copy-writer, all three of which are artists and some of the most creative people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Their mission?

“Urbanloveza is an urban art movement that aims to beautify our urban environments through the use of various street art disciplines. Our mission is to challenge the stigma of street art being vandalism, by improving our cities with engaging pieces that add value.”
For Green Advertising and Murals, contact urbanloveza@gmail.com

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As for the other half of the ‘Dream Team’?   



Africa is facing a MASSIVE wildlife crisis with poaching completely out of control; our ‘One in a million’ campaign aims to get one million people worldwide to show they care by donating R10 towards conservation and thereby becoming ‘One in a Million’.

With just a R10 donation how do we change the face of our already diminishing conservation? We get one million people to hold hands by donating just R10, this doesn’t just stop at you, this gets to reach each and every corner of our planet, we get to hold hands with ‘wanna be’ conservation junkies all over the world, by just one click of a button.”

Carla Geyser, One in a Million Founder

What did Mandela stand for?

Our country working together for the greater good. @UrbanLoveZA teaming up with One in a Million is the combination of an artistic expression and an environmental awareness. Both movements were conceived from scratch by proud South Africans looking to better Mama Africa and their campaigns are worth following.


Photo by Wokshots Photography

Photo by Wokshots Photography


Facebook.com/oneinamillionsa/Twitter: @oneinamillionsa

Facebook.com/urbanloveza/Twitter: @urbanloveza

Both campaigns would like to extend their gratitude to ZapSigns (www.zap-signs.co.za) for sponsoring the event and to all the community members who leant their time to a greater cause.

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