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How to plan your adventure… Join me as I create my DREAM holiday!

I can’t even begin to explain the frustration hearing the words: “I don’t know where to begin?!” or “What if the country turns out to be run by the mafia?” Ok, the last one is a slight exaggeration, but my point still stands true. Thousands of eager travellers give up because they become disheartened by the “daunting” task of planning a trip. Just, stop it.

Travel With Lamb

I don’t know… GET ON WITH IT!

With the World Wide Web at your disposal; common folk can now travel. It really is that simple. With incredible travel sites; the brunt work is done for you. Not only do agencies sort your insurance, tickets and visas; they also give you a selection of hotspots and ‘must see’ places to visit at your respective destination.  Allow packing to be your only problem and be selfish – this is your dream trip!

You’ve known where you’ve wanted to go since you were a child!

Since I did a grade-school project on Egypt, it has been my dream to walk amongst the pyramids and take an awkward selfie with the sphinx. I’ll admit I have let the majority sway my vote, listening to remarks such as: ‘too hot to even breathe!’ or ‘do you even know the current political status?’ Enough. My journey and my rules. Travel is subjective, remember that!

Here is my dream Egyptian holiday to do list…

  • Pick your destination and the best time to visit your chosen paradise. If it’s known for extreme heats or monsoon seasons, make sure you are seeing your Atlantis at the ideal time! In Egypt for example; if you’re diving, water temperatures can reach the high 20s in summer… winter then?! Nobody likes a sea-bath!
  • Book your tickets and get the visa headache over and done with! Check with your agent if you need to apply for a visa before you enter your country, you’ll have a nightmare on your hands if you don’t. I recommend going through an accredited agency; they know the ins and outs, better safe than barred!
  • Make a list of the places you want to see and don’t be shy to put the cheesey/tourism places at the top! You’ll want to say: “I did that!” This is your money and you make the decisions. My list is already the size of a thesis and I know I am going to just keep on going! After looking at a bunch of sites, I found a pretty cool list on First Choice, which basically caters for all tastes. When planning, try start from one side of the country and work your way up/down or across.
  • Exchange your boring old currency for the new and fabulous kind that you can’t decipher! I don’t even know what an Egyptian Pound looks like, how excited am I to find out? Plan a budget and allow a little bit extra for any emergency shopping experiences, there really is nothing worse than being constantly stressed about running dry.
  • …and finally. Read blogs, reviews and even watch movies; those butterflies of excitement are real and please, let them fly!Travel With Lamb

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