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Currently Wide-spread poaching is pushing Africa’s black and white rhino population closer to extinction. One of the many tragic fallouts of the poaching crisis is the orphaned young rhino’s.

The Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage  is a world-class care facility constructed to give these magnificent animals the fighting chance at survival. Not only do they ad­dress the physical needs of the young rhino’s but they nurture them mentally and emotionally to ensure that they are fully rehabilitated back into the wild.

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Donate HERE —

The Rhino Orphanage Wish-List:

Medicine – Some of our orphans will be arriving with wounds needing immediate attention, wounds created at the hands of the poachers trying to separate them from their mothers. Currently, we still need to purchase approximately R50 000 worth of medicine.

Security Tower – The protection of the orphanage is crucial to ensure the safety of our rhinos from any possible poacher’s, these will be  equipment with surveillance and lighting.  The cost for each tower is approximately R20 000 and we would like to built three.

Rhino Security Dogs – We firmly believe that dogs are a good deterrent for poachers, as they can raise an alarm at least 300m before the poachers can get close to the animals.We would like to purchase a tracker do to protect the Rhinos, the cost for this is approximately R45 000 to purchase and train the dog and the handlers.

Borehole: We need to revamp and fix the old borehole that is going to supply the orphanage with water. This is going to cost R50 000. This borehole also needs to be secured, so that poachers can’t put poison into it.

Food: It costs approximately R5000 to feed and look after one rhino orphan per month.

Every donation counts and even if we don’t reach our goal the money raised will go towards this incredible project!


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Donate HERE —

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