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Are you travelling with the right person?

Before reaching for your passport, start with the hand of your ultimate travel buddy…

Initially, it seemed frivolous to find someone to journey with – my company was sufficient and a Kindle stimulates the brain for the most part, your camera captures the moment and your mind locks into memory the emotions felt. After a while though, you get over being nagged at every bus-stop or stared at wandering the streets alone with a map, you start travelling with companions.

Wok and  I on a digital detox in the middle of nowhere... perfection.

Wok and I on a digital detox in the middle of nowhere… perfection.

It’s better than travelling alone, right?

Wrong. Oh, horrendously wrong.

A person not holding the same ideals, ethics and respect for personal hygiene will make you forget what countries you saw. The annoyance twitch setting into your brow will remain with you and that holiday? All you will talk about is that ratched human. Here are my tips for picking the correct travel buddy:

– You have to have the same level of snobbery. How many stars are acceptable doll? A backpackers doesn’t cater for a princess, just epic fucking people.

– Manners. Just, manners. Selfless acts during a tough part of your trip like being given an extra pillow when you have a headache, goes miles!

– Are we here to get trashed and make bad choices? Erm, no I would like to find my purpose in life besides my inheritance from Daddy. Decide before you go, neither are wrong – just for completely different people at different times in their lives.

– Are we showering during this trip or not?

Wok and I on the top of Sani Pass in Lesotho

Wok and I on the top of Sani Pass in Lesotho

How finding the perfect travel buddy makes all the difference…

Waking up on different pillows, dreaming in different countries, crying from exhaustion and exasperation during tough situations, laughing at language barriers and raging at being bribed yet again… all with one person.

When you arrive home and resume life… you fit in again, seeming normal and unchanged. But there are times when something happens that reminds you of being horribly wasted in a foreign country and you laugh because no-one else knows but the two of you. That connection in it’s entirety makes the quest for companionship worth it.

Understand, this isn’t confined to romantic relationships or even sexual ones (although that part is fun) – soul sisters and bromances are just as special, I just found mine in my partner. Yeah, you can call me lucky.

Happy travels!

Tam xx

Wok and I in Mozam out on the ocean in the middle of nowhere

Wok and I in Mozam out on the ocean in the middle of nowhere

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