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Does anyone actually care about New Years Resolutions?

…yes, apparently they do. Much like my view on religion, people need hope or an avenue to channel their faith. Resolutions cater to our hopelessly empty guts that we are going to see that excitable strobe light at the end of the tunnel, this year will be different! So, like most of my sarcastically draped blog-posts… here are my resolutions:

– I will not spend half my salary on sushi… alternatively man-friend can now pay

– Even with the MASSIVE demand, I will not send drunk Voice Notes (VN)

– Actually fuck they’re awesome, scratch number two

– I will work out more than twice a decade, bi-monthly at least… if I have time and only if Geordie Shore gets cancelled

– I will drink more red wine, it’s delicious and part-grape

– I will message my mates more, drunken VN at da club screaming “remember that time we made out to this song…” really isn’t good enough

– I will get more tattoos, wrinkly skin is boring without a story etched into it

– I will become a mermaid

– I will get horribly drunk with Jenna Marbles or at least get arrested for stalking her ass

– I will stop following incredible hot chicks on Instagram… or finally come out to my boyfriend – love awkie vibes

– I will buy a diary and use it… instead of taking it to every single meeting so I look like my shit is together

– I will blog more… cause this shit is awesome!

Pic by www.travelwithlamb.com

Pic by www.travelwithlamb.com

On a serious note…

This year will be incredible! Thank you for all the support thus far and allowing me to do what I love… it has saved me in more ways than one. Get in touch and let’s make this year the one we’ll talk about for decades to come…

Pic by www.travelwithlamb.com

Pic by www.travelwithlamb.com

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