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Don’t let them steal your happiness… it isn’t theirs to take!

Wealth can’t buy happiness… but it can buy a Mac!

I have never been well off but I have always worked redonk hard in whatever job I have managed to wangle my way into. No matter the currency I’ve received my remuneration in; I have always been practical with my money. I never splurge on anything designer or the latest gadgets, to be honest I don’t even have a credit card. In the last six months I have been working for myself for the first time and as a freelancer you either sink or swim, I knew I would swim… or at least doggy paddle the shit outta that water.

Slight excitement over my latest purchase...

Slight excitement over my latest purchase…

Celebrate every single victory…

This is a small victory, people buy Macs all the time without thinking twice – but it meant the world to me. As a result of MY work, I could purchase a brand spanking new Mac all on my own. Do I care if people find this lame? Zero fucks. People feel insecure about celebrating what others might deem inadequate, sacrificing their own happiness.

Are you holding back for the sake of others?


– Celebrate every weekly goal that makes you feel invincible; that smile of approval you just received from your sour puss of a boss – dance out the moment!

– A 100gr loss is still a loss. I see that ass getting tighter you beautiful slut.

– You are worth it.

– That dude that made you feel worthless for no reason other than his ego – he is a dick. Drop that shit like it’s hot.

–  Changing careers and starting in at an entry level position when your mates are CEO’s – be proud of your bravery; this isn’t their journey.

– When a genuine smile embraces your face for the first time after a break-up… you can do this.

– When you feel like you don’t fit in; a rare bottle of wine never shares the shelves with others – it proudly stands out from the crowd.

– If you are true to yourself and your individuality; congratulate yourself every time you look in the mirror.

– You are incredible.

“We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see –
It’s the soul that needs the surgery”

Watch me while I'm walking away haters.. :P

Watch me while I’m walking away haters.. 😛

Written from my BRAND SPANKING NEW MAC!!!


Tam xx

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