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How to maintain a healthy body and mind whilst traveling…

…is it possible? Yes.

I put on weight when I am back home; with my home-cooked meals from mother and the treats I grew up with. Staying in shape in different countries has never been hard for me; the Heathrow Injection didn’t happen and neither did the Bucket Bulge from Thailand. As it turns out, this is actually an uncommon phenomenon – wisdom that should be distributed amongst the podgy travelers association. As always… take it or leave it.

Pic taken from my Instagram account - instagram.com/travelwithlamb

Pic taken from my Instagram account – instagram.com/travelwithlamb

Tips for maintaining a healthy body…

Walk. Public transport is not always on your doorstep, find out if you can take a slightly longer route to work/tourist attraction, the extra 2kms will do wonders and you’re in a new country; take it in! This only applies to countries whose outside temperatures don’t resemble a bikram class; although in Thailand I walked 8kms every day in what seemed like a steam room – flawless skin for 6 months. Travel With Lamb – removing the strong from the weak since 2014. You’re welcome.

– Burger King is not a culture. Stop being stuck-up and try out local food, unless you’re in America; then Burger King is your culture. (I make joke – LOVE you yanks! xo) Seriously though; the local food is often left untouched because people are nervous of eating dog and that’s OK – maybe do your research, learn about some local healthy options and learn how to order the dishes in their native tongue (they love it!).

Swop your Redbull for fresh juice. Pressed juices are extremely popular in most yoga studios, health bars and gyms – funnily enough, they have actually been around for YEARS in South East Asia. To cure your hangover; ditch the Redbull pick-me-up and pick the healthier options with natural vitamins and energy.

Water. Make sure you are drinking two litres of water a day, us travelers DO NOT STOP and we often become dehydrated without even realising it! Especially in hotter parts of the world – stock up on water!

Swop the unhealthy snacks for fruit! Yes, I am well aware that fruit contains sugar. However, it is better than chocolate, ice cream and boiled sweets served at most 7-11 outlets.

Beware of the local beer.Treats like Chang beer can be fun… read my post What I learnt from Chang beer to understand this statement in its entirety – but it’s VERY fattening. Sample the local stuff and then swing back to your healthier go-to drink.

Body weight work-outs. Legends like Kayla Itsines have created very effective body-weight workouts that can be done at home – or in your hostel (yes, I have been that twat).

Example of a delicious pressed juice - pick up mine from treenatural.co.za in Durban, South Africa

Example of a delicious pressed juice – pick up mine from treenatural.co.za in Durban, South Africa

How to maintain a healthy mind… 

Now if you have the time, this is the best article I have found on mindfulness – courtesy of Elle Magazine, 5 Steps to Mindfulness. However, I do understand the time constraints us travellers are faced with, so I have created a few tips of how to maintain a healthy mind…

Take a proper camera. With Social Media being so prominent in our daily lives, we are erratically checking our phones for retweets, instagram tags, Jenna Marbles vlog updates and all those critical notifications we get on an hourly basis. Leave your phone in your bag and focus on what’s around you and take it all in… no distractions.

Remove yourself from the group. Don’t be a loner, but don’t be a crowd pleaser either. Take time for yourself and go on a mini adventure of your own; get lost in an epic city or go on a short hike. The time alone is when you find yourself, being lost in Bangkok/Dublin/Amsterdam/Paris – are all my finest memories.

Zone out. Audio books, real books, yoga, meditation or writing – take the time to do what feeds your mind. 15 minutes during a train ride or even while others are getting ready, whip up some soul food.

Keep a journal. Write it all down or record your beautiful voice; your journey is a story that you should hear every day to remind yourself of how lucky you are. Be thankful. It is also beautiful to revisit your experiences once you are home.

Take a walk along the beach... take some me time.

Take a walk along the beach… take some me time.

As always, these are my own lil opinions and you can take it or leave it! Hope this was helpful my healthy sexy-ass gypsies!

Until next week…

Tam x

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