5 signs that you need a break!

Working for myself, I sometimes (all the time) take on too much. The majority of freelancers are guilty of this and because we spend a huge amount of time on our phones, I thought I could use the smart device as supportive evidence to my “5 signs that you need a break”. Browsing through my phone for Instagram inspiration – being effortlessly arty in your images doesn’t effortlessly happen – I realised I had some embarrassing crap in my pictures folder. Nothing R-rated, just a monstrous amount of crap. I searched for reason…

Besides business meetings and luncheons with my other-half, I hardly find the time to meet with my fellow humans for the sole purpose of socialising. When you’re continuously hunting for the next job, you feel guilty about taking time off when you’re your own boss. I communicate with my mates via extremely funny (I think so I know so) voice-notes over Whatsapp and selfies eating carb-riddled food captioned; “soz”. This is new-age rubbish and it doesn’t count, in terms of natural instinct – we literally crave ‘real’ interactive.

I needed to establish a breaking point. I found it. I’m sure others can relate when I say:

I go into a work bubble and block myself off from everything else because I believe it helps me focus.

There is a reason people always promote a balanced lifestyle. I arrived at the realisation that I HAD to put aside a couple of days to recoup and come back refreshed.

Now for the funny shit. 

5 signs that you need a break… 

1. Apparently adjectives aren’t enough… I need to show my emotions. I’ll give a prize to the person who can spot the one taken on the loo. Funnily enough, the top row was sent to my bitches – not my boyfriend. Bottom-right was to the boyfriend.

Bottom left is my personal favourite

Bottom left is my personal favourite

2. When you create images to prove your point during casual Whatsapp conversations. Justifying your actions to your client much? SUBSTANTIATE YOUR CLAIM.

Natural my ass. Soz lols.

Natural my ass. Soz lols.

3. When you finally go out in public and pose like this. I blame my parents. 

I'm getting awkward looking at this

I’m getting awkward looking at this

4. When you work from home and no-one is around during a procrastination phase – shit goes down. My cat is better than your cat. 

This cat gives zero fucks

This cat gives zero fucks

5. Breaking. Fucking. Point. These were all sent to different people over Whatsapp – aren’t they lucky fookers?

The bunny is embarrassed.

The bunny is embarrassed.


For those concerned about my health… I am taking a digital detox for the Easter long-weekend. With real people.

On a serious note, know your limits. Take that downtime that we so desperately need, it isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s beneficial when you come back kicking ass with a clear mind.

Have a relaxing long-weekend and hug a bunny on Easter!



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