A letter to my younger self… #DearMe

The #DearMe concept…

I occasionally sit on Twitter during work and besides a few UberFact retweets, my retention span is usually pretty low and I hardly click through. Seeing the #DearMe tag on my feed sparked a little interest, I have always found letters to yourself helpful (doh) – what selfish act are they asking me to do now? Tell myself I deserve those shoes or I am better than the prick I am dating? #Pass. I was not ready for the “Write to my younger self” concept, this is interesting. After reading the write-up on Elle Magazines site, I decided a video might spark a drinking game of “drink every F-bomb” so I thought a written format would be more appropriate.

Ya’ll ready for this…?

This is not going well...

This is not going well…

#DearMe – my younger self…

– You’re an absolute dick. Stop with the whine in your tone, hold back on the eyeshadow and stop over plucking your brows.

– Being the drunkest in the room is not an achievement.

– You don’t need a boyfriend to have an identity.

– Admit that you absolutely hate the cool crowd. Hang out with people that enrich your life.

– It’s alright to admit your actual dress-size.

– You can have a career besides professional sportswoman, despite what your teachers say.

– You are not defined by labels, you are only confining yourself.

– Moving to London at 19 with no skills or work experience is going to be the hardest thing you will ever go through – but it will change your life.

– You are not going to fit in when you move to Dubai (but you already knew that) – experience it anyway, your best friends are waiting for you.

– Thailand will make you discover who you really are and what you actually give a shit about.

– Working for an NGO will not end your career… but give birth to what you are actually meant to do.

– Stop hating your hometown, it’s where you’re from – not who you are.

Be safe lil weirdo,

Tam xo




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