#MyEarthHour – Earth Hour 2015

What are you doing with #YourPower??
I am running a campaign with the World Youth Rhino Summit and I want it to go viral!
The thought behind it is getting people involved and doing their bit – making it a personal campaign. I am trying to build up the little guys and asking them to showcase what they do and inspiring others to do the same. EVERY person counts in this struggle, we need to inspire our neighbour before we tackle the world.
Earth Hour is running with the hashtag #YourPower – What can you do with YOUR power this Earth Hour? 
I am running a #MyEarthHour alongside the #YourPower campaign – you basically send in a selfie holding a candle or chilling under the stars etc – “getting ready” for earth hour! If you are keen, please can you send me your pic before Saturday night of the 28th of March so I can showcase it in our campaign! Online communication at it’s best! The reason I need it before Earth Hour is because I am sending out an album 30 minutes before on the World Youth Rhino Summit and Travel With Lamb pages saying “We are ready for Earth Hour!” and because there is NO technology allowed during that hour 😉 – I want to make this campaign as personal and attainable as possible! I am also asking people to “nominate” their friends to do the same.
How awesome are these humans supporting #MyEarthHour??

How awesome are these humans supporting #MyEarthHour?? My friends are better than yours!

It will be predominantly on Twitter and Facebook – we are starting at midday tomorrow (boosted posts etc) and the pictures will start being showcased from midday, Saturday! Earth hour is from 8-30pm – 9-30pm on Saturday night in South Africa, for the full list of times worldwide click here
1 – Take a picture of yourself “getting ready” for Earth Hour!
2 – Upload it and/or send it to me on tammylambson@gmail.com or via my Social Media platforms. If you upload it yourself – please remember to use the hashtags #MyEarthHour and #YourPower! This is ESSENTIAL!!!
3 – Take that hour and remember what we are fighting for.
I have EPIC people on board already – I wanna add more epicness, hence the reason I am reaching out to YOU!!! 😛
Every person fighting for our environment counts – the slogan for this campaign is “My Hour Counts”
Take the hour... it's within #YourPower

Take the hour… it’s within #YourPower

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