5 things to think about on a Sunday

Sundays often result in me sitting with my crowded thoughts listening to Lana Del Ray. Reading an incredible book won’t quieten my mind, my thoughts are running at a hundred bad-choices per second. Instead of suppressing the ramblings, I try channel them into worthwhile streams of thought. One of the best lines ever to escape my mouth – “I’d rather be completely erratic, than completely boring. And dumb.” Don’t be ashamed of you.

You may call them Sunday Demons, but it is proven that our minds stray into dark places as we loom over the week ahead. Try segment the depression rather than battle through the cloud of Sunday Blues.

5 Things to Think About on Sundays… 

Work – this may seem counterintuitive, but I think we put the “work-stress” on a pedestal. Write your tasks down for the week, even take-out 30 minutes of your Sunday to brainstorm how you are going to nail each task. You’ll be shocked at how your mind will be put at ease by getting a jump-start on your week. Monday morning will slide in so much easier.

Bad Decisions – most likely from the weekend. With a shit-ton of alcohol involved. Shit happens. Think on it for a set amount of time. That’s it. There is nothing you can do about it, don’t let it consume you. If it makes you feel any better, the people involved are probably too self-absorbed to give you much thought. Alcohol is known to bring out the selfish-side in us.

Good Decisions – most likely made sober. Focus on the good from the previous week – did you stick to your diet? Complete your work-out goals? Finish that book? Take up that hobby? Us humans drive on adoration – make note of what you have achieved the previous week.

Plan a Trip – Make a scrapbook like Liz Gilbert from Eat Pray Love and hide it under your bed. Rip up Getaway and NatGeo mags – store your favourites in your travel box. Create a “Travel Wish-List”.

Think of YOU – Are you happy with where you are right now? Do you love your job? If not, are you taking the necessary steps in changing your profession? Are you enjoying the people you are hanging out with? Do you like the paint colour on your bedroom wall? What do YOU want from this coming week? Take the time to consider you.

In closing…

– ONLY YOU can start your new hobby

– ONLY YOU can make the decision to change your current situation

– ONLY YOU can allow negativity in your life

– ONLY YOU can let the opinion of others run the life YOU live

– ONLY YOU can get you in the right mindset to start your week off on YOUR terms

I have always battled with Sundays… until I realised I was the only one making it difficult on myself. 


Have an incredible week you beautiful people!




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