“Just Be Kind” online – #NoToTrolls

My experience with cyber-bullying…

I often peruse the internet for work related purposes, part of my job is to monitor the trends and newsworthy pieces bitchslapping the internet into a frenzy – and on a daily bases I am left utterly speechless. The trolling taking place online, specifically on Social Media, breaks my heart. Our freedom of speech is being abused and replaced with a sense of entitlement. I am all for opinion and expressing it profusely – but not at the expense of someone else. If my opinion would directly hurt another person, why would I shout it out on Social Media? Would I walk up to a person on the street and look them in the eye and spit out – “Your view on politics is uneducated and comes from a place of fucking stupidity!” If you are able to do this in person – Firstly, you’re an asshole. Secondly, you are so much more than an asshole but I don’t want to put the word online.

My PERSONAL experience with cyber-bullying…

This whole realization was spurred on by a personal experience. I will never shout about something I don’t understand – I’m a sponge for knowledge and invest my time learning about things I don’t understand. In terms of the whole #CaitlynJenner situation – I have ALWAYS been a LGBT supporter with a tattoo to match and have educated myself on the different forums/success stories/brutality/political anguish etc. I think I was around 15 years old when I realized that these incredible people don’t necessarily share the same rights worldwide because of their sexual preferences – I’ve engrossed myself in the subject ever since.

ANYWAY – I came across an article shared on Facebook that basically said the entire transgender issue was ludicrous and how can we glorify this subject. When I say that I DID NOT attack him, I literally put a daisy in a shotgun. I just mentioned that EVERYBODY deserves to be loved for who they are – no matter their sexual orientation. This was the reply to my comment….

Travel With Lamb

…from a COMPLETE stranger. Have we reached the stage in our existence that swearing and bullying a complete stranger is acceptable? Which brings me to my next point…


If it’s not your business and you have something horrible to say – WHY SHARE IT?


I don’t follow a religion and don’t agree with a lot of them – but you’re NOT going to see me searching for religious pages and comment something along the lines of – “You’re all fucking IDIOTS!” on random posts.

Why? I’m not an absolute DICKHEAD.

If someone lives their lives the way they want to and it isn’t directly hurting you in any way – why release your anger onto someone you don’t even know and completely ruin their day/week/year – sometimes fucking LIFE!

On a NOH8 type of page this comment was posted under an article supporting LGBT rights.

Travel With Lamb

What are these comments actually doing?

People don’t understand the damage of a single comment made online – a young gay teenager, who has been struggling with telling his folks his true identity – might see that comment and fall greater into his depression. This is ONE example. After receiving the “I’m motherfucking stupid” comment – I couldn’t sleep that night. I was heartbroken. Heartbroken at the fact that a complete stranger attacked me without knowing anything about me – I’d had a week from hell with my disease, I was in a bad state and couldn’t even get out of bed I was so weak. That comment made me cry. I have no internal struggles other than I wish the world be kind to one another and all I see is negativity. People with EXTREME internal struggles have been bullied online to the point of suicide.

I need ONE thing from you.

All I ask is – Just Be Kind. Before you decide to go on a hate rampage, think – could my words affect another in a detrimental way? If yes – STOP. Don’t press that publish button and instead spread some kindness on your platforms. This world is so FUCKING hard at times – we NEED the support of others to get by.

BTW – my “Just Be Kind” tattoo design is coming along nicely…

Please feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page or on Twitter if you have experienced cyber bullying and have no-one to chat to. There are EXCELLENT forums that can help you like Do Something – and I’ll always be your friend 🙂

Be kind to one another,








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