Why I prefer animals to humans

I recently posted a status on my Facebook Page about how I prefer animals to humans. After thinking on this and finding an INCREDIBLE Buzzfeed article  – I realised I believed it more than I originally thought. Holding a small bunny in the palm of my hand brings me more joy in a second, than an afternoon surrounded by people. I learn more from animals…

They Love Unconditionally. They don’t care if you are slightly heavier or show the signs of aging – they see your true self and choose to fall in love with you anyway. The redundant – “Love is patient, love is kind…” – was written based on a relationship between a dog and his owner. I’m sure of it. This farmer and his cow show truer signs of love than some marriages.

Travel With Lamb

They’re Patient. You see an elderly woman telling her stories to her grandkids and they roll their eyes whilst texting their friends. An animal just wants to be in your presence, they hang on to every word and care what you have to say. They won’t call you out on a grammatical error or misuse of vocabulary just to prove they’re smarter. They won’t disrupt your story to tell a more compelling version of their own drama – they LISTEN to you.

As seen on Buzzfeed

As seen on Buzzfeed

They’re Loyal. Elephants will never leave a wounded friend, they remain by their side, day and night. At the end, when their friend finally passes – each member of the herd will come pay their respects, they cannot move on without this action being performed. Humans miss funerals because of prior engagements or flight costs – animals know no excuses. Animals mourn for years, altering their own lives for the sake of others.

They’re Selfless. People don’t lead blind people for a reason. Animals cannot be compromised, they wouldn’t know how to deceive or act based on ulterior motives. Travel With Lamb

They’re Honest. An animal will come to you if they’re hungry, they won’t compliment you for the sake of getting something in return.

They’re Caring. Animals are drawn to those in pain, during my father’s recovery – our animals never left his side. You feel a wet nose nudge your finger sooner than a supportive arm round your shoulders.

They’re Accepting. They don’t turn their backs on one another for being different. They know nothing but equality. They don’t see colour or disability – at any age.

Travel With LambTravel With LambTravel With Lamb

I think we were all like animals once, you don’t need education or religion to know empathy – be more like our companions.

Always be kind to one another,



As seen on Buzzfeed

As seen on Buzzfeed



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