How to get the hell out of your house!

Hmmm OK, I have been meaning to do a post like this but found it hard not to sound like Shia Labeouf. When I explain how I get the f**k out of my house, the first response is usually – “It’s that simple?” WRONG. It’s that hard. I’ll never lie to people, every time I move country or invest money into a trip – I’m taking a risk and I have heart palpitations just like everyone else. When I make a life-altering decision with high risk and low success rate – I shit myself. However, I do it. Hard. #AskELJames

Oh, and by the way… I got a cat! My beautiful boy is a rescue and I’m obsessed. Meet Lorde Archibald:

I'm a MOM!

I’m a MOM!

Moving right along… 😛

Once again, these are based on my experiences and these opinions are entirely my own.

How to get the f**k out of your house…

1 – Are you happy with your life? 

We are here for a shadow of a second, the last 5 years have seemed like several months, and I’ve lived in 6 different places. This life is slipping from my fingertips and I feel that I can’t get enough out of it. I don’t feel content, I don’t feel like I’ve seen enough, I don’t feel like I’ve felt enough and I don’t feel like I’ve loved enough. I adore my journey, and it’s my memories that motivate me and remind me that I mustn’t stop my journey. If you feel that you aren’t currently living your life EXACTLY how you want to – you can answer my first question. Get out your f**king house and change that.

2 – Do you like your job? 

It’s a job, not a marriage or a mortgage. I feel that people fear change in their professional lives, they live in fear without knowing what they are afraid of. People also invest too much time into thinking about a career change rather than changing careers. Think about how successful your new career would be if you invested the time wisely as opposed to daydreaming about if and buts, cookies and nuts. Change your f**king job.

3 – Do you want to see other countries? 

Those countries will hopefully be there for the next millennia – you sure as hell won’t. They’re definitely not waiting for you. Go see that f**king country.

4 – Do you want to learn something completely different? 

I wish I spoke Spanish or Italian. Blah blah blah. Shut your face – you’re never going to learn it. I personally wanted to learn how to make my own organic cosmetics, without discussing this with a single soul, I bought a course online and f**king made the stuff. Why don’t I disclose what I want to learn with others? Their opinion doesn’t matter to me and if I hear a comment like “you’re wasting your money” or “why would you want to learn that?” – I might be put off or simply punch them in the face. To avoid both, I just do whatever I like. Learn the f**king skill.

5 – Do you want to live in another country?

I often humour people’s concerns when they tell me WHY they don’t want to live abroad and when I ask why they WANT to live abroad – it’s completely unbalanced. The pros list is 10 feet long and the cons considerably shorter with next to no support to their claims. If you’re looking for reasons not to go – you WILL find them. If you ask a narrow-minded person why you shouldn’t go – you’re asking to be swayed. If you genuinely want to move abroad, do the research yourself and book your dang ticket. Don’t disclose your plans with negative relatives or friends – this is YOUR life. If they truly love you, when they see you beaming on Skype – they’ll be happy you stuck to your gut. Move to that f**king country.

Let me know if I have left out some important questions and if you have any questions you’d like me to answer. I’m a genius. {no, I’m really not}

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Muizenberg, Cape Town

Muizenberg, Cape Town


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