My R150 Day in Cape Town: Take 1

I was super tired of dragging my near-broke ass to yet another vegan/gluten-free/hipster den and needed some plain old goodness dropped into my weekend. Turning to the trusty net, I found things that related to my particular nature that didn’t involve copious amounts of sunshine and a fat wad of notes. Spa days are lovely, but I’m neither a loaded model, nor groveling for freebies – so I put my creative thick scarf on and decided to do a series of R150 days in Cape Town. This city is beautiful with a shit-ton to do, don’t let the gloss put you off!

Crossing my overdue-manicured fingers, the weather indeed cooperated and I kicked off my first R150 day.

Putt PuttR20 PP per game. Beach Road, Sea Point.

Fuck, I love this game. I’m a competitive rat at the best of times, but beating my boyfriend at both games just put that extra bit of fluff on top. When people turn up their nose at Putt Putt – “have you no inner child?” You tell me if you don’t feel the slightest joy at getting that fucking little ball in that fucking hole. I swear, no greater feeling. Tears of laughter from beginning to end.

Someone got beat BAD! Chin up Boo xx

Someone got beat BAD! Chin up Boo xx

Chapman’s Peak DriveR40 (Toll Charges)

Oh my heavens. Absolutely beautiful and shows Cape Town at it’s finest. Took meself a little picnic and picked a spot with the best view = priceless.

I'm such a free spirit, just look at my skirt. Lolz.

I’m such a free spirit, just look at my skirt. Lolz.

The Creamary – R50 (Waffle, One Scoop of Ice Cream and Sauce), Newlands

Firstly, the drive there makes me want to audition for Downton Abbey or a Hugh Grant film – pure South England countryside beauty. Honestly though, I could be at a Nickleback concert and I’d still be happy if I’m eating Creamary. WTF do they put inside that ice cream? The tears of angels? Jared Leto’s sweat? If you haven’t, DO IT.

Taken from

Taken from

The Labia TheatreR45 (Movie and Dinner)

Ok, so the pizza (available on Saturday and Sunday only) is tiny (I eat like an American) but it’s enough to fill the belly for the movie. For me, The Labia is for the experience more than the movie – the old style cinema is beautiful and you feel like Grace Kelly going to the ‘pictures’. I do realise that I do not, nor will I ever look like Grace Kelly and I am completely insulting her by suggesting that I might – but I’m smiling!

How can you not fall in love? You get a little ticket and everything!

How can you not fall in love? You get a little ticket and everything!

So fucking sue me – I went R5 over budget, and I understand petrol and additional costs may factor – but I filled up my day putting R155 cash into my activities. To put it into perspective, that isn’t even enough money for a large platter of sushi or a 300g steak. Your money CAN take you further; you just have to look into other things besides trendy SA celeb spotting places…

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