Be the exception, not the rule

I needed to inhale/exhale, spend an hour doing yoga and listen to three Tracy Chapman albums before I could write this one.

Just because it is deemed the norm DOES NOT MEAN IT IS RIGHT AND IT DEFINITELY DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT IT. What I experience on a daily basis:

Me: “The work ethic in this country is horrendous.” 

Annoying person: “Yes, but that’s just the norm – that’s just what it’s like, get over it.” 

OK. What bothers me here is people think accepting the norm is acceptable – YOU set the precedent and YOU decide how things in your immediate vicinity should operate. 

Me: “People are getting mugged so often lately.”

Ignorant fuck: “Yeah but that’s South Africa, you know – you’re going to get mugged, just deal with it and move on. South Africa is beautiful bru!”

NO. Your attitude sucks a lot of hairy balls – people deserve to feel safe and not accept a country for it’s beautiful scenery over their personal safety. If they decide to move abroad, wish them well – you can sit on your ego and nurse your patriotism. 

Me: “I’m really not enjoying this adult shit – I believe life can be more exciting.”

Kill-joy McTwat: “No, no – you better change that mindset my friend, my girl, my china – the big bad world is where we all must live and bills and insurance we need to pay.”

Piss off. My journey – my rules. Just because you’re too afraid to pursue your dreams and live you’re life without fear, does not mean you can belittle and patronise me to make your sorry-ass feel like you have a PhD in fucking life. 

Me: “I’m moving to Cape Town next month.”

Negative Nancy: “Oh GOOD LUCK – you’re moving in WINTER. You guys are gonna die. YOH, don’t know if that’s the right idea.”

What happened to wishing a person well on their trip or permanent move? Why bring doubt into a person’s mind when they are SO excited about their near future? You’re an asshole. 

Me: “I’m itching to travel again! I’m thinking of India!”

Selfish Sam: “Oh sis! Why would you go to India? It’s so gross? My sister’s friend’s cousin’s uncle said it was shit.”




If you decide to live you life by accepting the norm, I won’t judge you or hold anything against you – but return the favour and stop shutting down energy aimed at improving my own way of life. There is no rulebook to follow or person to have the authority to tell you when you step out of line. MY JOURNEY – MY RULES. 

Embrace your own ideas and don’t be ashamed for seeing the world differently. Don’t let anyone wilt your petals 😛

Please let me know if anyone has experienced any of the above and get in touch on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Us freedom thinkers need to stick together!

Until next time,



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