Gay Marriage? I hate it.

What’s in a label?


Picture a couple surrendering to love in front of their nearest and dearest. It’s a marriage. Not a gay marriage. A marriage.

As an open (shout it out every 5 minutes) supporter of equality, I realized I wasn’t happy with the term “gay marriage”. In my eyes, it is simply – marriage.

My favourite tattoo. A constant reminder.

My favourite tattoo. A constant reminder.

Same-sex marriage? Erm, as long as every time you mention a ‘normal’ (ridiculous) wedding you speak of it the same. “Oh, I’m going to a heterosexual wedding this weekend.” Yeah, sure you are. I personally feel holding onto the label will prevent us from awakening equality. How I see it…

A name weighs a ton if heavily burdened with stigma.

A love is grounded in hostility if abnormality is presumed.

A mind is shamed when desired thoughts are met with unfamiliarity.

A heart cannot be rightfully freed when a nametag pierces through.

A union shows no hope when cloaked in wrongfully directed sin.

A human’s freedom is superficial when walking out of prison in chains.

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