Why I never #Throwback

Let’s get serious, real quick. Today I realised I needed to find another old photograph of myself for #ThrowbackThursday. Now you can call conformist; but I’m pretty sure it’s embedded into our weekly routine. There are plenty of reasons NOT to look back. This new trend of ‘throwing it back’ has never sat well with me. I despise nostalgia at the best of times; but being reminded of it weekly is pushing it. Now I’m do not hate on people who post baby photo’s or a wrinkle-free version of themselves – if it makes your day, than it makes mine. Do what you gotta do – but here are the reasons Why I Never #Throwback:

1.) I’m hotter now.

2.) Low-resolution struggles.

3.) I’m reminded of the person I was and there’s no need for that, present Lamb is all that matters.

4.) Looking at a picture of me in Thailand sucks dick when I’m sat behind a desk.

5.) I read ‘The Power of Now’ and I feel like Eckhart Tolle knows what I post on Instagram.

6.) I’m already dealing with present struggles – why add my previous ones to the mix?

7.) Searching for the appropriate arty image from the Facebook archives takes time, time that could be used on wiser issues.

8.) I over plucked my eyebrows for about 5 years.

9.) Howzit ex-boyfriends!

10.) Isn’t the future so much better?

This is a friendly reminder, from me to you: look forward. Every chance you get – look forward. Look forward and enjoy the present, your history is history and being burdened by guilt from something that happened years ago has no place being here.

What are you doing right now? Are you where you want to be? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed – it’s a hope we all cling to. Be grateful for the life you have lived – now look in the mirror and be in this current moment.

Now for some irony, here’s a #throwback.



Dancing with them locals in Thailand. #Throwback

Dancing with them locals in Thailand. #Throwback


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