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How to pack up and GO!

I’m moving to South-East Asia! It’s time to travel again…

I’ve enjoyed my stay here in Cape Town, but it’s time to be my true Lamb self, and travel… In light of this, I am going to walk you through how to pack up and GO!

I get asked this question a lot. “Tam, but like, how do I like, go? How do I travel?”

People feel stupid asking this question, but it’s not as straightforward as booking your flight and going. Leaving has an emotional weight to it and an even larger sense of guilt. The guilt stems from a fear of letting people down, this only applies to people with a selfless nature, the selfish don’t give a shit about notice periods or debts to pay off.

What I want to persistently enter into your consciousness is that it’s completely normal to feel anxious, doubtful, emotional, guilty… and every other self-loathing feeling you can think of. There is a way to work around it, you needn’t be remembered as the twat who kicked off to the promised land. 

Lamb the Yogi.

Lamb the Yogi.

My tips on “How to travel once you’ve decided to… well, travel.”

Give the correct amount of notice: you would think this is self-explanatory, to some; it’s really not. Make sure you keep to your contract guidelines in terms of your place of employment, leasing agreements and other commitments. Your actions will affect others, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s in a positive or negative way.

Tell the truth: “I’m leaving because my pet died and I’m in mourning.” Don’t be a dick. I hate people who lie and plead they had no other choice. If you’re leaving because you want to spread your wings… relay that. Sincerity is the most underused piece of beauty. We’re all humans, we all have hearts and we all have the potential to connect and understand each other. Give your boss, landlady, parents etc the honest truth and they’ll not only believe you and accept your decision, they’ll appreciate the transparency.

Sort out your banking: Please don’t fall asleep, this is very important. A friend left the country with outstanding debt and believed they’d beaten the banking assholes and successfully flipped them the middle finger. Like a needy stage 5 clinger; they’ll find you, and my God – they’ll never forget you. Also, find out how to transfer your funds with minimal banking costs, don’t be me and get smacked with bank charges through my ass when I moved to Dubai.

Book your fucking flights: “I’m so excited about my move overseas…” Me: “Oh really, when do you fly out?” *tumbleweed. It’s scary, but make it real for yourself.

Tell Mommy and Daddy: Yes, they’re on Facebook – but that doesn’t mean that’s how they should find out.

Spend your final weeks with people you actually like: No, I’m not talking about those people in the massive group photo that was taken awkwardly at a restaurant. I’m talking about spending time with people who add value to your life, those who have left their mark.

Sell your shit: If it isn’t sentimental, sell that tangible asset. I will never understand people’s need to keep stuff; it’s a couch, not your virginity. Put the money aside as your safety nets safety net.

Give yourself a week off: Find silence before passing border control.

If you’re nervous, book accommodation: There’s no shame in booking your first nest. You don’t need to pitch up with no plan like Lamb. Travel is subjective. Go your own way.

Make a list of reasons WHY: The urge to leave never evaporates, write down every single one of those reasons and pin them somewhere. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, absorb that list.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; if you feel I left anything out and you would like to get in touch to ask me some questions, find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I’m super friendly and give shit advice. 
Be free. Be kind. Be you. 
Lamb xx




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