Mandela Capture Site

Mandela Capture Site

Mandela Capture Site – is it worth it?

Yes. You can finish reading here and get up and go, or add the Mandela Capture Site to your bucket list. The truth is, I find it hard to sell it to someone outside of South Africa, because what I feel stems from my heritage – the connection is deeper. That’s not to say tourists won’t feel emotion at the same spot, I cried at an orphanage in Cambodia on my first visit to the country. It’s the same feeling as I described in my Robben Island post, close to home.


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When to go?

During summer, try avoiding the middle of the day if you’re not used to our South African heat. The tourist times will be much busier, but in my experience, everyone allows you time in both the museum and the site itself. Bring a large amount of sunscreen and a large hat in summer – the heat is killer in the warmer months.

How much is it?

FREE, but you are asked to leave a donation, please do. This is such an incredible piece of history, there’s a cost to keeping it pristine, help in preserving it. They were undergoing renovations for a newer, larger museum to accompany the site on my last visit – I can’t wait to see the finished result.

Where is it?

It’s tucked away in the rolling hills on The Midlands Meandor, the drive to the site is worth the trip on its own.

What is it like?

I uploaded a snap on Instagram and a mate of mine commented asking what the ‘vibe’ was like. INDESCRIBABLE. You feel moved. You walk through the museum and they tell you the story through pictures with accompanying recordings of Madiba’s memorable speeches. Take your time. Take it all in and be sure to watch his famous televised interview recorded whilst he was on the run.

An incredible piece of history beautifully represented – a MUST.

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