New year… new me? No thanks.

What’s up with this New Year – New Me, stuff?

I find it comical that the laws of Social Media require you to write a (rather long) status as the fireworks for New Year’s Eve draw near. We’ve all seen the “Brace yourselves… the “New Year – New Me” statuses are coming” memes and I laugh at these updates, but I’m thinking SHIT, that bitch has her shit together. I’m not a vocal non-conformist, so I set out to blog about the fresh start to a new year – honestly, there was tumbleweed sweeping over my Mac. Last year my blog post was “Does anyone actually care about New Year’s Resolutions?” – so my attempt wasn’t promising to begin with. So, in true Lamb style, fuck you and your fresh start.

Take the pressure off yourself

I wasn’t even speaking English on the 1st due to mineworkers cracking at my brain. The hangover was so strong; I was probably drunk up until the 2nd. We’re nowhere after the holiday season, you’ve had family drama and chaos, you’re broke and let’s be honest – massively chubbier. In what planet would you entrust your brain to make decisions during this time? I order the shittest things off the menu (pizza BALLS, I mean really!) in January, how can I decide on anything of value?!

Give yourself some space

Yesterday, I found myself requesting some space from myself. This might sound odd, but what I meant was I needed some quiet from my own mind. I’m moving to Thailand in a month and the current sequence of my brain looks like this:

“Thailand in one month, oh shit, I haven’t done everything I want to do before I go!”

“Oh crap, I need to sort my University stuff out – shall I call them or drop by?”

“Those pants no longer fit, am I allowed to cry?”

“I should really book a dentist appointment before I go.”

“Oooh I wonder how the rand vs baht is doing?”

“Who do I need to visit before I go?”

“Shall I freelance in January?”

“Do I have to see THAT many people before I go?!”


Spier Wine Farm

SHUT UP. I cannot plan the next month let alone the next year of my life. You walk into work and you’re backed up with emails and your boss is cranky because they’re bloated from cookies and alcohol. You can smell tequila sweating out of people at the gym, oh those bad choices.

Calm down

Give yourself January. Sort yourself out. Get those extra pounds off your ass, get your legs waxed, get a pedi after dancing through December, and finish your book. I’ve never understood the rush to a perfected self in the first week of January. I only begin to think clearly in February, at a push.

So maybe you don’t have those resolutions mapped out and you can probably still taste that last tequila from silly season. Who cares? Take the time to sort your life out before committing to anything for 2016.

Love Tam xx

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