top beauty products for travellers

Top Beauty Products for Travellers

These are my ride or die top beauty products for travellers!

A big beauty bag doesn’t fit into your travel backpack, but looking less than flawless isn’t an option. My toughest moment before my travels is deciding which wondrous products I am going to leave behind. I am far from a girly girl and I struggle – thoughts are with the ladies who take over an hour to get ready – this situation must be dyer in your case. I don’t know why this is the top NINE beauty products for travellers, I guess I don’t like picking obvious numbers.

These are my Top Beauty Products for Travellers:

1.) You need a hydration mask for your skin. Days on the beach or weekends on snowy slopes – the change in weather causes our skin to break out. I always find that after a long flight my skin goes crazy dry and this sorts it right out!


2.) Mermaid waves = flawless. This texturising spray brings my hair back from limp and I can go from wet hair to beautiful waves without picking up a hairdryer.

top beauty products for travellers

3.) Hair masks will have your hairdresser hugging you. Our hair gets severely stripped from the sun and yummy sea salt. 15 minutes twice a week will save you chopping several inches off when you return.

top beauty products for travellers

4.) Travel kits will save your life! I love keeping it organic for my skin so I always use this cute travel pack from Esse which has everything I need.

top beauty products for travellers

5.) Yes, we’ve all seen the minimalistic adverts for Lipidol. I’ll give credit where it’s due – these oils are awesome. I find creams make me sticky and have been using oils for nearly a year. This also gives you a beachy shine which I love and it’s calming on sun-kissed skin.

top beauty products for travellers

6.) I never have time to touch up my make-up and I recently saw a review on this – it works like a charm. Your make-up lasts longer, it keeps shine under control and minimises the appearance of pores. Winning. Also, it’s a right bargain! Thanks, Maybelline!

top beauty products for travellers

7.) Sticking with that face of yours, I recently spent an hour at a beauty counter going through dozens of BB creams. This one is the bestest! Another bargain!

top beauty products for travellers

8.) OK. Calm down and sit down for this one. That right there is a shampoo. It’s brilliant. No need to say anything more. What’s NOT genius from Lush? NOTHING.

top beauty products for travellers

9.) We ALWAYS neglect our hands. A tiny tube of hand-cream lasts you ages – add it to your list! This cute one from Woolworths was a Christmas stocking filler and it has the most AMAZING scent.

top beauty products for travellers

Do you agree with my list?

Let me know your die-hard favourite products in the comments below!

Love & Light,

Tam x


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