5 Valuable Blogging Tips

Any bloggers out there?


5 Valuable Blogging Tips. Blogs are everywhere. Every second person is a blogger, and it’s amazing. People get to express themselves and be creative in their own space. If no one reads it, so what? Blogging should be a hobby, a passion. When I started, it was mainly because I enjoyed writing and didn’t want to use freelancing as my outlet. I get asked about blogging constantly, but it’s a complex topic, which could take hours to explain. I’m hoping to create an e-book on How To Start a Blog, but for now, here are some valuable blogging tips:


  • Write about something you love. Don’t take up fashion blogging because you want free clothes; take it up if you’re actually interested in the topic. I can immediately tell if someone is writing for the sake of it or writing because they love what they’re writing about. You will also lose steam if you don’t enjoy the content you’re creating, write about what you love and you’ll never ‘blog work’ a day in your life.
  • Be consistent. If you want to drive traffic to your blog and rate well on Google, be sure to keep to a blogging schedule and post consistently. The more valuable content you produce, the better!
  • Pick Social Media platforms you enjoy. You’ve heard the advice to be on EVERY platform. Nope. I don’t agree. Start with two and be consistent, when you get into a comfortable routine, move it up to three. Rather be GREAT at a couple, than mediocre at all of them.
  • Connect with other bloggers and your readers. You’re not an island; this is a community. Join blogging communities on LinkedIN or Facebook, and always reply to messages from readers – you might inspire them to start their own blog!
  • Draw up a schedule and turn it into routine. My schedule currently looks like this:
  • Two blog posts per week
  • At least two posts to Instagram per day
  • Be active on Twitter as least twice a week (move up to three times after two weeks)
  • Read one article per day on relevant topics, I LOVE Social Media Examiner
  • Post to Facebook once per day


Very simple, valuable blogging tips, but they could take things up a notch for your blog! If you’re a blogger, please post the link to your blog below in the comments so I can check it out. 🙂

Happy blogging,

Tam x

valuable blogging tips

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