relocating to thailand

How to: Relocating to Thailand

How to: Relocating to Thailand for Dummies

I’ve been pulled in every direction since relocating to Thailand and I have no idea what to write about. So much has happened in the last 4 days in comparison to the last 3 years. That’s why I love travelling – no moment is the same, let alone a day.

Every so often (A LOT – but I love it) I get asked travel advice, such a message came through today on Facebook and I thought the timing was just perfect. I was asked a series of questions which I’ll answer below.

relocating to thailand

So here are my thoughts on Relocating to Thailand…

1.) Did you or your BF secure a job prior to going?

Hell no. Surprise is everything. Jokes aside, I don’t think it’s necessary but if you’re strapped for cash and don’t have a lot to sustain you for a few months, then definitely look into it before arriving. Remember to check the start of the school terms if you’re wanting to teach English!

2) What visa did you get?

Check if your country qualifies, but I get a 30 day on arrival being South African. You need to book a continuing ticket out of the country within the 30 day period as it’s a tourist visa (I’m heading to Cambodia) to renew it, or you can apply for a 90 days (same rules apply IE ticket) from your nearest Thai embassy before leaving. If you get a job beforehand, they might be able to sort your work visa out before leaving your home country.

3) Can you courier me there because it looks awesome? – okay not a real question.

You are more than welcome to! That would be one uncomfortable trip.

4) If answer to 1) was yes – did you go through a recruitment agency?

Check out – they’re amazing. Most recruitment agencies are on there, so it’s a one-stop shop. Otherwise, check FB groups for example, Phuket Jobs. VERY helpful. 

5) If answer to 1) was no – had you done an EFL course to get part time teaching job (FB newsfeed stalked that all by itself I swear)

If you have a degree, don’t stress too much about a TEFL course, but if you’re nervous about teaching – do it! It refreshes your English knowledge and gives examples of lesson plans. Some schools require you to do one and they can be purchased online, Groupon always has specials it seems.

6) Anything else you can inform him about the process?

If you’re looking at long-term rentals, then you’re going to have to put down a deposit, so bring at least 2 months rent with you to secure your accommodation.

relocating to thailand

Final comments for South Africans: The rand is going to shit – Thailand is becoming expensive. Try come over and earn some Baht, you will probably earn more than back home. True story.

I am SO excited to be back in Thailand and I’ll keep you updated on Instagram & Snapchat (tam_lamb) 🙂

Safe travels,

Tam xx


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