Sunday Thought | Should everyone travel?

Sunday Thought

I’m excited to launch this new chapter on Travel With Lamb, care to hear my Sunday Thought?

Should everyone travel? This may come as a surprise, but I’ve always known the answer to this one. Even before I left to travel for the first time, I looked at those around me and I knew some would never leave home. I’m currently sitting in my flat in Thailand listening to Bali Ethnic Instrumental music and I honestly feel like this is “my JAM!”. I don’t expect anyone else to like this type of music, but it’s my tune.

That’s what life should be. Your own radio station to perfectly mash up to your own beat. And the beauty of this theory? There are those that also like Bali Ethnic Instrumental music, and those are the people I’m going to surround myself with.

I watched Eat Pray Love for the millionth time tonight, and as always, I learnt another lesson: “You don’t need to love someone else in order to love yourself.” This may seem to stray from the title of this blog post, but hear me out. Take that ‘someone’ and replace it with something that is considered mandatory in today’s life. For example, seeing the world. There are phases that come and go; going on the yachts, working the ships or au pairing. A dozen people do it, followed by a thousand. You don’t need to love something else (that’s loved by the masses) in order to love or find yourself.

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“I need to find myself, Tam.” This is a firm reason why the majority travels; they’re unhappy or unsure in their own lives and need a fixer. They Eat Pray Love the shit out of a year and come back a new person. Right? Not everyone. We aren’t all meant to eat the same Apple Pie.

And that’s OK. I find myself staring at the “My Journey My Rules” tattoo on my body more and more these days, and absorb the meaning at every possible moment. I really can’t please everyone. I can try, but I will die trying and my memories will consist of failures. I’d end up making more people miserable because I am unhappy.

In the long-run, being selfish may lead to other people’s happiness, besides your own. You don’t need to travel to find yourself, or to have that experience that everyone SHOULD have. Who made those rules? It sure as fuck wasn’t me. I admire people who walk their own path, even if I don’t recognise it against my own.

Imagine your Life Story results in a car; if we all had the same and parked it in the same garage, it wouldn’t be colourful or even remotely interesting to look at. Also, how would you find your fucking car if it looked like everyone else’s?

At the end of your life, how disappointed would you be if you only lived a part of your life for yourself? How’s that for a Sunday Thought?

Love the life you’re living,

Tam x



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