Ladies embark on Elephant Ignite Expedition

Elephant Ignite Expedition. We lose an elephant every 15 minutes. This is how you can help.

This group of ladies will take on 10 000 kms and 10 countries with a whole lotta courage. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with these incredible women, and I’m so excited for the launch of their Indiegogo campaign. Can you imagine Africa without elephants? People travel from all over the world to be able to catch a glimpse of these incredible creatures. Their future is in our hands, and we have the power to stop this. For a bit of background on those behind this expedition and information of the project:

The Elephant Ignite Expedition 2016, a proud Blue Sky Society Trust Initiative, is a catalyst for connecting individuals, communities, animals and the environment with the focus on conservation awareness and education.
30, 000 elephants are killed annually. That means one every 15 minutes. For the first time in the world, an intrepid group of women explorers, have decided to bring the global spotlight on the plight of these gentle creatures and the people who protect them by embarking on an epic expedition across Africa.

The Elephant Ignite Expedition departs on International Women’s Day on the 9th August 2016. The team will visit organisations dedicated to the preservation of Africa’s elephants – assisting with much-needed funding support, public awareness, community upliftment & youth conservation education – a journey with a purpose!

The woman taking part in this expedition will be funding their OWN journey so any funds raised through this campaign (minus the costs of the perks and postage) will go to the Elephant Projects below that we have chosen.

The Impact Your Contribution Could Make:

Spread the Word and Get Involved

Exorbitant and growing global demand for ivory, particularly in Asia & the US, is fuelling a poaching crisis! The demand for ivory is largely for trinkets, carvings, and status symbol purchases. Sadly, less than a third of consumers are aware elephants are being killed to harvest this ivory.

This thriving trade is big business for large criminal syndicates, riddled with corruption, failing legal systems, porous borders and less-than-scrupulous customs practices – all of which pushes the African Elephant towards extinction!

Please join me and become part of the solution. Go out there and tell people what is happening to our animals. If you see an organization that you think is doing good work – support them. They are always looking for volunteers. If you are in a good financial place – donate money , if you cant donate money donate your skills or time. Help spread the messages through social media. There is ALWAYS something you can do.

Stand up and speak out for those animals that have NO voice.  WE have to do something and we have to do something NOW.

Share this campaign on social networks, and to friends and family across the globe. Together WE can make a difference.

Follow us on FacebookTwitter or Youtube or follow Earth Touch who will be joining us on this journey to save Africa’s Elephants!”

Elephant Ignite Aims and Objectives

  • Public awareness for the plight of Africa’s declining elephant population.
  • Youth conservation education
  • Community upliftment
  • Fundraising support for the non-profit organisations working to protect the elephants


elephantThese ladies are hoping to raise R1 000 000 in funding – ALL proceeds will go to the following beneficiaries:

Elephants and Bees Project

Ecoexist Project

Elephants Alive

Game Rangers International

Kasungu Elephant Foundation

Wildlife Connection

The South Luangwa Canine Unit

You can donate by visiting their Indiegogo Campaign, if you cannot donate, please share this campaign with friends and family.

This is something incredibly close to my heart and I would appreciate all the support from my fellow travel buddies.

Much love always,



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