Patong, Thailand – Yes or No?

Are you interested in visiting Patong, Thailand?

I’ve been hesitant to write this post, and procrastinating to the max. I’m not sure if this is because I haven’t made up my mind about Patong OR it could be because people are hell bent on hating the place and I could be wasting my breath. Patong is not for the masses and yet the masses flock to it. I think that is the main problem. It’s the Number 1 place to visit in Thailand even though most bloggers boycott its existence and speak about how DISGUSTING the beaches are. Do I think that’s a little exaggerated? Absolutely.


A beach in Patong, Thailand

I’m coming from a completely unbiased place, and if you want to hear about my crazy night in Patong feel free, but for now, here are my pros and cons on Patong, Thailand:

Patong PROS

  • You can get a massage for 200baht. Always a winner in my eyes.
  • You can watch live animals come out of vaginas, who could argue with that?
  • You can watch an arrogant drunk tourist flirt with ladyboys and hear them boast how they’re taking this hot chick home. She is beautiful, but he has such a surprise in store for him.
  • You can shop and bargain for absolutely everything; from a new nose to a pair of fake Nikes.
  • You can travel to many of the surrounding islands in a matter of hours by speedboat or ferry.
  • English is more widely spoken. If you find being lost in translation frustrating, Patong is your place.
  • Some of the stretches of beaches are beautiful, I’ve managed to find some quieter, prettier spots with less vendors.
  • It has energy like no other; just walking down Bangla Road makes me smile. Everyone is smiling and having a good time.
  • The food is great. We stayed in Patong for a month and managed to find some worthwhile food spots. Our favourite by far is No.9 2nd Restaurant; they’ve got the loveliest staff and yummiest food.

Now for the cons…

  • Everyone is always trying to sell you something; on the beach or on the street. It does get a little frustrating saying “no thanks” 40 times a day.
  • The streets are packed making walking in a hurry difficult, but then again, you’re on holiday – slow the fuck down!
  • If you’re a guy and you walk on your own, you will be grabbed and made a fuss of. If I had a penis, this would be in the pros section, but it’s worth mentioning to those that might find this scary.
  • Everything is more expensive in Patong than the rest of Thailand, besides maybe Phi Phi Island. This also comes with knowing Thailand; paying 150baht for a meal I know I can get at around 60baht elsewhere does bring about a little frustration. If you’re on a stronger currency, you won’t flinch at the price hikes.
  • It’s VERY loud and you will encounter many loud people. This will not be the place you find your zen. Namaste.
  • People are out to make money. The hustle is real.

The infamous Bangla Road

In closing…

Travel is subjective. You love places others hate, it’s all part of the journey. Try not to rip a place to absolute shreds if you can help it, your favourite taste in pie isn’t everyone elses. I’ve also written the Patong Survival Guide that many travellers find helpful. Trust me.

Muchos love and buckets,

Tam xx

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    May 28, 2017 at 19:57

    Bonsoir bonjour
    Quelqu’un pourrait me dire au ce trouve le graffiti avec le tigre écrit patong avec. Merci à vous


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