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Digital Nomad – is it worth it?


Wanna be a digital nomad? Want to know HOW to be a digital nomad?

…so do thousands of people! By far, the most asked questions on my blog are – “How do you make money for travel?”, “How can I be a digital nomad?” or “How do you make money from your blog?”. Am I going to tell you how you can do this? Sort of. I want to get into the lifestyle and working environment surrounding being a digital nomad. I’m going to answer some of the questions I get the most on the subject and hopefully encourage/discourage people in the right way.

Where do you work?

I did a post on finding the right space as a freelancer that will give you a better idea, but let it be known that your bed does not count as a workstation. You need to separate your life and work as it is incredibly confusing to mix the two and never know when you’re logging off. The hardest thing about finding a perfect location is finding a decent WiFI connection. For travelling nomads, this is probably the most difficult part as islands don’t necessarily have the strongest internet connection – not sure why?

When do you work?

Whenever the client bloody needs you to work! Some nomads speak of working for a couple of hours a day and that’s it. They’re rare and probably outsource most of their work on Upwork or similar, if you want to read more about these online entrepreneurs, you can learn how they do this. I think people are under the impression that you spend most of your days on the beach and never at a work desk, but with freelance comes inconsistency and a constant stress of income stopping at any moment, so you are constantly searching for more work and making sure you’re making ends meet at the end of the month. For us travellers, our lives are extremely expensive as you’re constantly on the move which means your cash flow is far stronger than if you were back home. Therefore, you need to earn more. The stress is real. I sometimes clock in 14 hour days to try balance out the days where I’m sitting on a plane or ferry.

Isn’t it cool that you don’t have a boss?

Oh shut up, I have multiple bosses. At the end of the day, you miss a deadline – you’re going to be in shit. Working with different clients from around the world often mean that they will be emailing you at all hours of the night and you kinda need to get back to them timelessly.

Do you make money from your blog?

Yes, and no. I get hired from my blog all the time BUT I don’t make a lot of money coming directly through my blog. People email me constantly asking me to promote something or review something – I don’t really like doing this. I don’t really do this at all, I personally think blogging should remain honest and sincere. Call me old-fashion, but I believe honest opinions are what means most to your readers, they don’t want to be sold a lie because someone paid the blogger to do it. People hire me to write for their company or consult their Social Media efforts because they’ve seen my work through my blog. 90% of my clients hired me because of my blog so that’s where my blog has made me money.

Would you recommend being a digital nomad to your friends?

Depends on the person. If you’re looking for security and consistency, don’t be a digital nomad. If you’re looking for work benefits and a cake on your birthday from your co-workers, then it’s not for you. If you are wanting to view the following on a daily basis… then it’s for you….


Heading out to Railay Island last weekend…


Railay Beach


Photo by www.wokshots.com

You decide folks…

Part 2 of “How to be a Digital Nomad” will be coming soon!

Much love from the islands,




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