picking a country

Picking a country in your late 20’s

Having trouble picking a country? You feel the itch in your feet and you’re already imagining your deep Instagram captions to accompany your over-edited (although we hashtag #nofilter) picture. The funny thing is… you have no idea where that picture will be taken. Wanting to travel is very different to knowing where you want to travel to, or for that matter, whom you want to travel with. I’ll go into detail on the latter in another blog post, but for now, let me see if I can make your decision-making process a little bit easier.

As we get older, out taste changes somewhat and you shouldn’t ignore it when picking a country.

picking a country

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Picking a country

Step 1:

Picture yourself on holiday

Are you backpacking and drinking straight from the bottle or are you getting a massage whilst sipping on bottomless champagne? I once swore to only love backpackers until one day I found myself in a 4-star establishment and I cried tears of pampered joy. Do I still love my backpackers? Absolutely, but as I’m getting older, my taste is changing and sometimes a relaxing holiday is what I prefer. There is no shame in admitting what you want, you’re spending a shit-ton of money, and you might as well stay true to yourself.

Step 2:

Check your budget, bitch

Yeah, I hate this step too. It’s a necessary evil, I’m afraid. Being in debt after an incredible vacation must be so shit. I don’t know if I would be able to fully relax knowing I have a ton of money to pay off once I step off the plane. Again, all to there own, but personally I prefer matching my holiday to my current financial state. Once you’ve factored in the flights and accommodation, you want to have enough money to actually do shit. Sitting in your pretty room rationing the free peanuts is not the way to spend your holiday. Sometimes downgrading leads to a better experience.

Step 3:

Establish your crew or decide to go on a solo mission

The crew may want Thai buckets and ping pong shows, and you might want to visit an ashram and pretend to be Liz Gilbert. Plan a holiday that appeals to those who are actually going to be there. I’m not telling you to be a dick and not invite your friends, but if you’re planning a holiday built for you and you invite people with different ideas, be prepared to have your holiday vibe altered somewhat.

Step 4:

Map out a schedule

This may seem like an adult thing to do… because it is! I’ve made trips with ‘no plan’ and ended up seeing half the stuff I originally wanted to see. Try doing a bit of research and mapping out your desired holiday so you are making your money go that extra bit further.

Step 5:

Go on holiday

Holding on to a scrap book and spending endless nights scrolling through travel accounts on Instagram is no way to live.

As always, I hope to inspire and motivate you to get out of your house, your comfort zone, and see the world! I’ve done a similar post on how to plan a trip ahead of time, definitely check it out for more inspiration.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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