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Social Media platforms that work for blogs

It’s been a while since I’ve written a Social Media Marketing post. As it’s my bread and butter, I enjoy sharing my tips to those bloggers who aren’t as fortunate to work in this industry and know what I know. A high-level of quality content is being produced, but why aren’t your blog posts being seen? Like any product or service, you need to market it correctly. In a previous Social Media Seminar I hosted I used the ‘shop in the woods’ metaphor: “There’s this incredible shop in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, there is no road that leads to it and nobody knows it exists. It’s great though. If you look very hard you will be able to find it.”

Delicious coffee at Jarryds in Sea Point, Cape Town

Delicious coffee at Jarryds in Sea Point, Cape Town

With the readiness of information being what it is today, we can’t make life ‘difficult’ for our readers. It needs to be in front of them all the time, front and center, they will have no choice but to read your content. For the most part, bloggers don’t blog full time and are dealt with the harsh reality of time constraints. Being active on every single Social Media platform is exhausting when you’re a student; now imagine bloggers trying to be active whilst having full-time jobs and other commitments. In my post 5 Valuable Blogging Tips, I suggested selecting a few platforms to start on and then progress from there.

Let’s run through the Social Media platforms I would start with:


The GIANT, that is Facebook. This platform shows no signs of slowing down; you can now broadcast live, post special offers like print advertising and the continuous updates on easy engagements, is baffling. Where do they get all that time? Oh yes, they’re worth fucking billions and can hire the masses to pour coffee. I’ve listed Facebook as Number 1 because there are so many different things you can do on this platform, such as videos, links, images, live feed, advertising, status updates and so on. About 40% of my views come from Facebook, mainly, Facebook Mobile.

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Growing a following on Instagram is great because it’s organic and people follow you because they genuinely like your content. With the new Instagram Stories in play, it’s a 2-in-1 deal now with both images and bursts of video. Be VERY brand conscious when dealing with Instagram, it is so easy to unfollow an account and people will start dropping like flies if you stray from high quality. Announce your blog posts in your updates with a little reminder to ‘click the link in your bio’ to read your post. People want EASY access to your content; don’t make it difficult for yourself! About 20% of my views come from Instagram. It used to be around 15% but I’ve seen significant growth since Instagram Stories launched. I usually post a couple short clips of me announcing my new blog post in true Lamb fashion – with utter fuckery.

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OMG are you kidding me? The OLD PERSONS Facebook platform actually gets you views? Why yes, a whopping 5%. Might not sound like much, but when it takes me 3 seconds to share a link – the return on time invested is quite tasty. Most of my LinkedIN connections are with like-minded individuals that would be interested in my content. When I publish posts on Social Media Marketing, it usually jumps to 10%.

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I love Snapchat. It’s probably because of that EPIC bee filter. I can’t give you an accurate number on how much traffic comes from Snapchat, but I use it to grow my brand. When I post an update on Instagram to follow me on Snapchat, I instantly get more followers. This is great because people are enjoying my content on one platform so much that they want to see more of it on another platform.

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Coming in last with about 3% of views coming from Twitter. I still love Twitter. The ability to tag and directly interact with other brands makes it a worthwhile platform in my opinion.

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I hope this clears up some questions you have about Social Media and which platforms work for blogs in terms of generating traffic, if not – drop me a question in the comments below or get in touch on Social Media!

I’m here to inspire and motivate newbie bloggers – the more the merrier in my opinion 🙂

Love from,

Lamb xx


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