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5 ways to annoy a Social Media Marketer

I’ve been a Social Media Marketer for 4 years now, and a lot has changed, but some things just remain damn annoying! All jobs have their annoyances, but I feel people look at Social Media Marketing as a ‘fun’ job and to be fair, there are parts that are fun, but there are so many aspects that annoy the shit out of me.

This is for my fellow Social Media Marketers!

social media marketer

5 ways to annoy a Social Media Marketer:

  • Don’t you just sit on Facebook all day?

Yes, someone pays me to sit and look at news feed all day. Nothing makes my marketing brain tick more than looking at the updates of your bulldog and green juice. I get a thrill of smugness when I start rattling about Facebook analytics to a non-believer.

  • You post so much on your personal accounts.

Social Media is a culture. Putting your social activities online is part of the game and helps put your mind into that of the consumer. You can’t design a restaurant without keeping the décor “Instagram-Worthy” and I won’t create a piece of content that people won’t want to share. Anyone over the age of 20 wasn’t born in the generation of putting everything online, by continuously posting; you’re putting yourself in the new-age consumer’s mind.

  • When a client asks you to design something.

An incredible Graphic Designer is one of the most underappreciated individuals on the planet. People don’t understand what top-class graphics can do for your Social Media platforms, asking a non-graphic designer to do something is not putting your best foot forward. It means you’re taking shortcuts and it’s not good for your brand. Then there are those that ask you to design for free… Or ask you to design in PowerPoint. #ByeFelicia

  • When they ask you to post without a strategy.

A Social Media Marketer will spend days doing market research and constructing a proper competitor analysis only to get met with lukewarm enthusiasm and a Dropbox link to average images they just want you to post on a daily basis. Not today, Satan!

  • Sending blurry images to work with.

A client that sends me an image taken in low-lighting with their Blackberry get a resignation letter in the post, cause they’re obviously not on email yet.

If you can think of any more irritations from the industry, post them in the comments below! Let’s all laugh together in frustration…

Love from,

Lamb xx

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