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pick yourself up

How to pick yourself up – Get out of that ‘down day’

Pick yourself up! We’ve heard it before, no doubt from a mother or overbearing friend, and it’s not often well received. It’s not that easy! Like when you suggest a depression sufferer ‘cheer up’; pulling yourself out of those down days is nearly impossible. Nothing bad actually takes place; you just don’t feel like smiling or entering into society.

What’s up with me today?

I’ve uttered these words before because I get so frustrated with myself that I can’t fucking function. Running an errand seems like the biggest, most impossible task to complete and you can’t imagine doing that online banking you’ve been meaning to do. Why can’t I just get off my ass and do something?

I’m a freelancer so it’s slightly easier to function on these down days because I literally work from my bed listening to Enya, but when I was working full-time the struggle was oh so real. There are studies that confirm that bad days are a result of our own creation and therefore you can pick yourself up, right? Easier said than done and my goodness; how will I muster the energy to accomplish this?

Suffering from Crohns Disease, I have bad days where I wake up in pain and I’m uncomfortable as hell and for a while I let that feeling dictate the rest of my day until I put some steps in place to help me climb out of my hole.

pick yourself up

How to pick yourself up:

  • Stop shouting about your bad day

When I announce it to the world, it becomes real. Those Monday memes expressing a “Fuck Monday” attitude result in fellow weekend mourners to join in your misery. Like they say… misery loves company. So, try not post this….

pick yourself up

And try post something along the lines of….

pick yourself up

I know it may seem cheesy, but it will help steer your line of thinking. That’s if you want to conquer the world…

Stop winging on Facebook, unless you turn it around with sarcastic genius.

  • Exercise for 10 minutes

Ideally, we should exercise for a lot longer, but if I saw “Exercise for 1 hour” I would click off this post so fast. Stop trying to kill yourself with unattainable goals, on my down days, I can hardly muster the energy to walk to my car let alone run on a treadmill. For me, it’s 10 minutes of yoga or stretching, but try anything that gets the blood pumping. For me personally, headstands and backbends change my mood instantly.

pick yourself up

  • Listen to that song… you know which one

For the last three weeks, this song has picked me up whenever I’m feeling average. Pick your tune and replay it until you’re smiling.

Better yet… make a fucking playlist just to be safe.

  • Speak to your person… you know which one

Thank the heavens for Voice Notes on Whatsapp, whenever I feel down I send a lengthy VN to one of my besties and I whine about my day until I realize that having them in my life is enough to turn my day around. The fact that some of my friends actually listen to 6 minutes of me blabbing is an absolute miracle in itself. Oh, how I love my people.

  • Make a thankful list

You can make your own based on the areas you’re thankful for, it’s entirely up to you what you want to mention, here are a few of mine:

I’m thankful for:

…the ability to do what I love

…the parents I have who support every crazy adventure I bring to the table

…my incredible friends that support their loony Lamb

…my fur child that makes me smile with his bratty attitude and tuna obsession

…my health, it may not be perfect but I’m far better off than other people

…my blog and being able to reach thousands of people through my writing

…the relationships I’ve had and how I’ve been able to learn from them

…this moment and how I am able to realize that I’ve had it worse and this is only temporary

  • Walk outside and breathe

Who can look at the ocean and not feel peace? Understand that humanity built enclosures; the world did not come with them. We’re supposed to be outside more than we are inside, take 5 minutes and inhale fresh air not altered by air-conditioning.

pick yourself up

Now it’s your turn, we’re friends and friends share information that will make others happier. Comment below what makes your day turnaround and remember to always pick yourself up; cause it will be worth it.

If you’re feeling down today… I hope this post with help you pick yourself up.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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