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5 Things to remember two weeks before you travel

Ready to travel? You’ve planned your trip, the tickets are booked and the excitement is building! I’ve been there before and felt the excitement, I’m actually going through it right now, and I love it. There is always a certain buzz from a person when you know they’re going on holiday in a couple of weeks. Nothing that happens is bad enough to dampen their mood or negative enough to dwell on for more than a few minutes. It’s almost time to go on that holiday you’ve spent months, sometimes years, to plan – get excited!

From the excitement, we tend to forget some important details and we often find ourselves without something we need… thousands of miles from home! I’m not saying this list will make you remember EVERYTHING, but hopefully, it helps…


Sodwana Bay, KZN, South Africa

5 Things to remember two weeks before you travel:

  1. Currency exchange/Notify your bank

OMG Lamb did you have to start with such a boring one? Oops. I always leave this until the last minute because it is so frightfully boring! Triple check with your bank and ask for their rates for money exchange to the currency you need when travelling. Sometimes your local bank works out cheaper than at an airport or hustling to exchange cash on the street. Also, some banks will block your card if you make an international transaction without notifying them. Try heading to the bank about two weeks before your trip… Ah shit, that means now for me. Boo.

  1. Check the weather

You probably did this when you booked your tickets, but try remembering the weatherman is not always right when predicting the climate 6 months in advance. Check the local news website of the place you’re heading to and see what kind of weather they’re experiencing. This year, for example, the rain came one month early in Thailand – I was not prepared for this! Pack accordingly.

  1. Get your medicine beforehand

If you take daily medication, make sure you have the right amount to carry you over until you get back from your trip. You might need more medicine than usual at your monthly pharmacy visit, and they may need to contact your doctor to verify it. Also, triple check that you’re allowed to take that amount of medication on your flight with you.

  1. Empty your memory card

…Or buy a larger one if you won’t be exporting your images during your trip. I know, genius! I’ve literally been walking around Angkor Wat deleting photos because I didn’t remember to delete the pictures once I exported them – precious time was wasted!

  1. Wear your travel clothes beforehand

See-through bikini? New shoes? Wear them in before you head out on your holiday because there is nothing worse than getting blisters halfway through a day of sightseeing or having your private bits on display to a beach of hundred eyes. If you’re fine with a little naked vibe, all the more to ya!

Did that help? If you have any tips for me – let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

Love from,


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