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sugar-free diet

Sugar-free Diet – Day 1 & 2: What to expect!

The sugar-free diet option has never appealed to me; I’ve watched The Sugar Film and was vaguely interested, but sugar is my life! For example, I have 2-3 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee three times a day. I can polish off a tin of condensed milk without blinking and devouring slabs of chocolate on a daily basis is completely normal in the life of Lamb. I love sugar! I love cakes and sweeties and chocolate and and and….

I’m heading to India next Friday and I’m staying at an ashram in Rishikesh for a month. They do not allow coffee or sugar. I was stunned but arrogantly thought I would be fine and didn’t think too much about it. Then a mate of mine kindly suggested that I give up a couple of weeks before heading to India because getting off sugar isn’t the nicest process. I’ve done it before and I remember the headaches a bit but didn’t think it was that bad. It must be like childbirth, once it’s over and done with – you forget the pain.

I completely overdosed on sugar on Sunday evening in preparation for the Monday drought of zero sugar and zero caffeine.

The start of my sugar-free diet:

Monday, 7am

Feeling good, feeling great. I managed an hour of Yoga and felt incredibly pumped for the day ahead.


Stopped by the store and bought some fruit – A LOT of fruit. I’m still feeling good… walking by the coffee machine proved heartbreaking, but we were strong and persevered to the colourful fruit area of the shop.


Have eaten all fruit and am now very upset with body as it’s craving all the bad things in life. It starts like a dull ache or a mild itch… it’s almost as if your body is starting to tell you that something is missing from your day.


Oh, what an hour can do. I NEED to eat something and all I’m wanting is a piece of cake.


Ooooh yum… healthy salad get in my belly. Hardly tasted the thing, my body don’t want rabbit food… My body wants chocolate and caffeine.


The headache has started… It literally comes out of nowhere and smacks self in the forehead.


Tried to do yoga – I managed 30 minutes. I’m starting to see sugar stuff… little pieces of chocolate are swimming around obscuring my vision.


The drop. My energy plummets and my head is pounding. I’ve eaten more than enough throughout the day and all of it healthy and enough to energize my body. My body doesn’t want to use the good energy… it wants sugar!


Thinking of throwing in the towel – but not a quitter. I could make an exception though.


I spare a thought for all addicts in the world and salute your bravery.


Dinner. Bland as all hell. What would normally be a tasty meal leaves me unsatisfied. What now? I’m fidgety and my head is still pounding. I try to work and can’t focus. Dream of a better time when my bin was full of chocolate wrappers rather than tissues from my sugar-free tears.


Fall asleep crying.

sugar-free diet

Tuesday, 7am

Wake up and wonder why I’m in such bad mood. Is life worth living? Let me YouTube cat videos…


Energy levels at new-found low. Not a moody person but feel like I might cut someone if they inhale in a manner I deem unfit.


Oh, hello headache! I see you decided to come early today. Dick.


Feeling a little dizzy and achy. Couldn’t find the strength to do yoga this morning, decide that is what I need to do and roll out mat.


That lasted long.


That bird outside is too loud. Fucker must’ve found a megaphone.


Lorde Archibald just meowed in my ear – my reaction resulted in this face:

sugar-free diet


The earth is too loud.


I have not left the couch, body is sore, I feel dizzy and my headache is as bad as a Thai bucket hangover.


Managed dinner and now I’ve moved to my bed. The dizziness has subsided but my energy levels are lower than a D-cup of an 80-year-old.


Pat myself on the back that I’ve made it this far. Then have a cry for all the sugar and caffeine I’ve missed out on.

Wednesday, 7am

I don’t want to kill myself. This is progress.

sugar-free diet

So, all jokes and exaggerations aside, it is tough. The cravings are legit, my body is itching for sugar and my energy levels are all over the place. Possibly the worst for me is the lethargic feeling running through my brain, it makes me feel useless.

I’ll check in with you guys in a couple of days!

Some tips on going on a sugar-free diet cold turkey:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Keep snacking on healthy things like nuts and fruit
  • Try keep to your same sleeping pattern, I feel more tired in the mornings over the last two days
  • Don’t exercise too much – on the second day I tried to do more than 20 minutes of yoga and I felt like I was going to faint

I’m writing this on Day 3, it’s 11am and the cravings are slightly more subdued and no sign of a headache…. Yet!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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