Uganda – My First Impressions

Uganda has never been on my radar. Call me a biased Southeast Asian traveler or an ignorant African, it was never on my wish list and now I can’t imagine never returning. After my India upset, I needed something to happen as I pictured the next two months of my life wallowing in take-out looking up pictures of Jared Leto. Sitting on the floor of the airport, I messaged a friend explaining what had happened and he suggested joining a bunch of legends on a 2 and a half week adventure through lower-east Africa. I had the dollars and the determination to experience some sort of adventure before the end of 2016. After finding a ridiculously cheap flight and running to my local GP to get my yellow fever shot, I was on a flight to Kenya.


Our team was bringing back the vehicles used on the Elephant Ignite Expedition 2016, an incredible initiative led by the same awesome woman who was to bring us home to South Africa.

Kenya passed in a blur; we had a single night stop before heading to Uganda the next morning. I was driving with my mate Tom and we were chatting energetically after a two-hour wait at the border when we were suddenly silenced by Uganda. I’ve seen lush and green. Walking amongst the temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia during the rainy season will blind you with enough leafy lushness to last you a lifetime, but Uganda obliterated the competition and took the top spot. Uganda is a wet country with only two semi-dry spells from December – February and June – August. Seventy percent of the country’s land is being used for agricultural purposes and nearly eighteen percent of land-locked Uganda is underwater. Think of a stereotypical movie of the leading actors being in the heart of an African jungle with their damp clothing and glistening skin – that’s what we experienced, although not as graceful I’m sure.


Uganda – Fast Facts:

Languages – English & Swahili

Currency – Ugandan Shilling ($1 = 3610 shillings)

International Airport – Entebbe International Airport

Time zone – EAT (UTC +3)

Capital (Main City) – Kampala





Like all countries, you get a different experience based on the area you’re passing through, but I can’t imagine it being any better than what I experienced. If so, I’ll book my ticket back immediately instead of waiting a couple months like I’ve already planned.

Next post is on Jinja, Uganda and white water rafting down The Nile River with Nile River Explorers! #StayTuned

Love from,

Lamb xxx


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