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easy hikes in Cape Town

5 Easy Hikes in Cape Town – take your folks!

This is not a post for the hiking gurus and die-hard fans of Bear Grylls, this is for the beginners and the elderly. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I took my parents on an adventure to Cape Town and packed our three-week holiday with as many day-trips as possible. I had to alter my search for hikes to accommodate the older knees and weaker ankles. Seeing as Cape Town boasts such beautiful mountains, this was not as easy as I thought. With the help of Google and some helpful books, I managed to experience 5 easy hikes in Cape Town!

Here are my favourite easy hikes in Cape Town:

Helderberg Trails

Entrance: R20 per adult

Distance: Walks from 2km to 8km

Nestled in Somerset West, we tried the Helderberg Walking Trails after finding them on Google. The area is supported by the Helderberg Nature Reserve and also offers biking trails as well. The walks range from easy to medium, with the medium walk ending with a panoramic view of Gordon’s Bay right through to Cape Point. Absolutely stunning, but the last 500m is quite steep so watch out for those knees!

easy hikes in Cape Town

easy hikes in Cape Town

Cape Point Walking Trails

Entrance: R135 per adult

Distance: Various

Do yourself a favour and get your ass out of bed a bit earlier and reach Cape Point Nature Reserve as soon as they open. The quiet walk up to the point is amazing without the crowds and you don’t need to wait in line for a picture with a view. The strolls are relatively easy either near the shores or up to the point itself. You will definitely want to take your camera with as the photo opportunities by the lighthouses and viewpoints are incredible. There is a tram that takes you to the top for those who can’t manage the hill up to the point.

easy hikes in Cape Town

easy hikes in Cape Town

Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens

Entrance: R22 per adult

Distance: From 1km walks to 5km walks

Definitely one of the prettier walks, just outside of Betty’s Bay and definitely worth the drive! The gardens really do cater to everyone and can be enjoyed by all ages. The walk to the waterfall is beautiful and just under 1km, although it does last quite long with all the photo taking. You can challenge yourself with the ZigZag trail that is 4kms with quite a climb to the top!

easy hikes in Cape Town

Silvermines Nature Reserve

Entrance: R25 per adult

Distance: 7.5km

My favourite walk of the trip but also the most difficult; I had to leave my parents 500m from the top because the incline was a bit too steep. The hike to the Elephants Eye is beautiful and the views make for incredible photos. It does get quite hot during the dryer months so definitely pack a lot of water, sunscreen, and some snacks. By the way, Elephants Eye is a cave and if you’re feeling romantic, pack a picnic and take your man/woman on a fabulous date. You’re welcome.

easy hikes in Cape Town

easy hikes in Cape Town

Kommetjie to Noordhoek Beach

Entrance: Free

Distance: Approx 3km on sand

We first visited the shipwreck on Noordhoek beach when I was ten, so it was pretty cool to see it again 17 years later. If you would like to make it an active outing, instead of parking at Noordhoek, park at the normal Kommetjie parking lot and walk to the shipwreck instead. It’s completely flat and the beautiful beaches make it a pleasant stroll. Be sure to check the wind speed, when it howls… it howls!

easy hikes in Cape Town

easy hikes in Cape Town

Just on a safety note, never hike alone and always make sure someone knows where you and your hike-mates are going. Cape Town can get VERY hot in summer so bring sunscreen, hats, water and sturdy walking shoes!

My parents thoroughly enjoyed all these easy hikes in Cape Town and even I found them awesome when I usually enjoy a more challenging hike. Definitely take your folks!

Love from,

Lamb xx

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