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flying essentials

My Flight Essentials: What’s in my carry on!

As someone who takes a lot of international flights, it’s so important to make the experience as seamless as possible. Between you and I, I’m absolutely terrified of flying. Hmmm… I should’ve added that to my post on why I suck at traveling. My point is, when you’re scared of being thousands of feet in the air, it’s important to be comfortable so you’re not focused on the possibility of dying.

flying essentials

Here are my flight essentials:

  1. Wet wipes or baby wipes. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to cleanliness and sticky hands or skin is my worst. I normally carry two packets to make sure I don’t run out and I try get my hands on biodegradable ones where possible.
  2. Anti-nausea and anti-diarrhea medicine. Let’s not pretend these two things aren’t important. Whether it is due to nerves or faulty food, vomiting and diarrhea spells on a plane are less than glamorous.
  3. Heartburn medicine. You often find yourself eating several meals without stretching your legs or having a walk around, this often leads to uncomfortable heartburn or indigestion.
  4. A book. A magazine is too short and I hate reading off a screen, so I normally always bring a book. Watching movies is great, but if you’re delayed when you’re on the ground, chances are the screens are off and there’s a ton of time on your hands.
  5. Socks. Not the airline scratchy cheap ones, but actual fluffy beauties that hug your feet with cloudlike cuddles. Our feet swell when we’re at such a high altitude and they sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable. Socks also help you ease into a comfortable sleep and when the air conditioner goes into freeze mode at night!
  6. A neck pillow. I use one just so I don’t get a stiff neck or a headache. It will also stop you from dropping your head on your neighbor’s shoulder when you get some sleep.
  7. A sense of humour. You will encounter some of the rudest people when you’re flying or worse, crying children. I used to dread every single flight, but now I walk onto my flight feeling as chilled as possible and realize how lucky I am that I’m on a plane to begin with! Be kind to your fellow flyers!

I’m actually a treasure on a flight because I’m so nervous I can’t stop cracking jokes! What are some of your travel essentials? Leave them in the comments below.

Love from,

Lamb xx

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