My Journey of Happiness Part 1: GET OUT

I did a post on how to quit your life over a year ago and I’ve always dreamt of turning it into a series. However, there was something bothering me – the negative in the QUIT and the directness of the HOW TO. So, how do I fix this? How can I properly describe this segment? Call it what it is, My Journey of Happiness.

So, let’s focus on that second part of that title: Journey of Happiness – GET OUT.

Get Out of Your Job

A boss that doesn’t recognize your worth or a job that doesn’t feed your soul is as toxic as a bad relationship. As humans, we crave affirmation and stimulation in a professional sense. We can brag about having zero egos and pride but at the end of the day, you’re only fooling yourself. Accept what you need from the professional side of your life and keep at it until you reach those needs.


Get Out of Your Toxic Relationship

Is it merely your boyfriend/girlfriend’s world and you’re only living in it? Are you an emotional support rather than an actual partner? Are you a mother/father instead of a lover? Get Out. You know it’s not right, there’s been no spark for months and you’re literally planning escapes routes in your head… what are you doing? Society may be telling you to stay, but society isn’t there to comfort you when you’re unhappy.

Get Out of Toxic Friendships

We all know that friend… who only calls you when they want something. Always ask if you’re well and that you guys should totally get together but you never do? They’re toxic and simply drain you of your energy, bank account and time. Let them go… delete them from your Social Media accounts so you don’t have to watch them. They KNOW what they’re doing to you! Trust me. They’re super stoked they have a pushover mate that allows them to just talk about themselves and make it all about them.

Get Out of Your House

I did a post on ‘How to get the fuck out of your house’ and it still holds true to this day. If you’re looking for an excuse – you’ll find dozens. Moving or leaving for an adventure has never been easier and some companies even promote month-long sabbaticals to stressed out staff members. You don’t need 6 months and a ton of cash – you need a trip that YOU want to take and one that won’t lead you straight to bankruptcy.

journey of happiness

Get Out of Your Own Mind

You’re your harshest critic. The world is cruel enough… why would you want to add to that list by being harsh on yourself? I’m USELESS at this one. I’m a perfectionist that doesn’t believe in resting cause in my mind it’s time wasted… so let’s work on this one together, shall we?

Beautiful humans, this journey called life isn’t kind to us… it tests us and to be honest, sometimes it almost wins. You can protect yourself by living a life that serves YOU and your happiness.

Journey of Happiness Part 2… You got out – now what? #ComingSoon

Love from,

Lamb xx

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