Let’s talk Feminism: My Second Favourite F-word

The anxiety is real people! Talking about the most taboo F-word since the introduction of the great Fuck itself, Feminism has completely divided the sexes. I’ve been wanting to write about this for ages. I put up an Instagram Story of myself receiving my Feminist T-shirt and my goodness… some of my male followers didn’t take too well to it.

Feminism means:feminism

Yup. That’s it. There is no room for man-hate (why are they making it all about them? JOKING. Keeping the peace. Promise.) or refusing men the right to open up the door for us. That is someone else’s issue with the other sex and that’s their own journey – modern day feminism is another struggle altogether.

Disclaimer – I am no expert on the subject, it is just something I am VERY passionate about and want to do my part in any capacity I can. This is not an invitation to invite a slew of hate comments to either sex and I ask that you read this with an open mind and heart. Thank you, beautiful human!

What is our modern day fight all about?

  • Equaling out ‘domestic’ chores or labour

We’re constantly met with this idea that the woman stays at home and raises the kids and does the chores. This is not always the case and every household deserves the respect of operating their home as they see fit without public opinion or scrutiny.

  • The Wonderful Media

I don’t think I need to expand on this too much because we already know the deal; women are objectified and overly sexualized in the media. The Media are heavily responsible for perpetuating ridiculous stereotypes. Remember when the headline read ‘Who has the best legs?’ when two female politicians shared the cover? All those years of education and hard work whittled down to a leg competition. The Media need a wake-up call; we are more than what you can photograph!

  • Equality in society and job opportunities

I’ve PERSONALLY experienced how hard it is for a single woman to be granted the same loans, the level of insurance, medical cover etc as men. The meeting always goes as follows:

Age? 28.

Married? No.

Single? Yes.


If you think sexism doesn’t exist in our modern world – please click here.

In the work place? Women only earn about 77% of what males earn in the same position based on similar work experience. Click here for more shocking modern day sexism statistics if you’re interested.

  • Violence against women

I can’t write about this without getting emotional, the domestic abuse my friends have endured is enough to realize this is happening frequently and close to home. Multiple countries refuse to recognize rape within a marriage to be illegal, not allowing women the right to report their husbands. A woman is date-raped and most mutter ‘she was probably wasted and wanted it’ therefore drumming it into the youth not to come forward as the fear of being labelled a ‘liar’ or ‘slut’ is sure to follow.

  • Third World Feminism

You think woman and you think of ONE group. A group decided by gender without taking any further characteristics into consideration. What about race? What about Social Class? What about Sexual Preferences? This could be a blog post in itself because it’s such an important aspect of Modern Day Feminism. The struggles of a Western female are vastly contrasted to that of a young girl unable to get an education based on her sex. I am Malala has opened my eyes to the struggles that we know nothing about and I would recommend this book to anyone looking to gain a first-hand insight into this horrendous struggle that sees little improvement each year.

What Feminism is NOT

  • …a hate campaign against men.
  • …a fight to eradicate men and have the world run by the women. It’s about finding equality between the sexes and working together.
  • …a fight based on hate – it’s a fight based on years of oppression and my sex wanting to be free to make our own choices and get the same amount of opportunities.
  • …something to be afraid of. We want to work together not against each other.
  • …something to be embarrassed about being. I am a proud Feminist. I want my sex to be recognized as an equal.


Want to get involved? Check out T-shirts For Change and grab your Feminist Tee – R100 of each purchase goes to the Frida Hartley Shelter for destitute women and children. I am beyond happy to be part of this campaign and support it wholeheartedly. It says so on my boobies.

Love from,

Lamb xx


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