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Things that only happen to frequent travelers…

I’ve recently helped my parents move and I’ve been finding some bits and bobs from my travels that have given me a laugh. They keep popping up in my daily life and they’re pretty much exclusive to travelers!

The bug of travel is always strong and it’s nice to have little reminders to know that your current ‘at home’ situation is never permanent because you were born to explore and see this world!

Things that only happen to frequent travelers:

You will find strange currency EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday, I found this Namibian note in my pocket and this morning I found FOUR different kinds of coins in my camera bag! Does anyone want loose change from Malaysia, Rwanda, South Korea or Botswana?

frequent travelers

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Your arithmetic skills have greatly improved!

Working in numerous currencies throughout a single year makes for some quick arithmetic skills. Making sure you’re not getting ripped off exchanging currencies at the border usually gives you a two-second window to do some serious calculations! Taking out your cell phone to add it up just makes the seller smell WEAKNESS!frequent travelers

You find boarding passes EVERYWHERE!

In your handbag or laptop bag, it’s not uncommon to have them falling out when trying to take something out. I don’t think I’ve used anything as a bookmark besides boarding passes since I started traveling. Lovely reminders…

You start every story with “When I was in…”

I often get told I’m showing off – that’s not the truth, at all. It’s just simply my reality because I’m in so many different places and those are my best experiences! It’s like great nights out, you mention them in conversation and my various experiences are my great nights out.

You immediately gravitate towards foreigners

I get so excited when I arrive at a party (or braai if you’re from South Africa) and I meet someone from another country. The conversation moves in a direction frequent travelers are more comfortable with and we simply gravitate towards one another.

You are always the patient one in the group

Waiting for hours at the airport or at a border post makes you a very patient person. You’re more tolerant of delays because you know – no amount of shouting and kicking up a fuss makes things go any faster.frequent travelers

You’re more concerned about world matters

If some kind of devastation happens in the world, I’ll more than likely have a friend living in the affected area. Immediately after the Paris, London and Barcelona attacks, I was on my phone trying to get in touch with everyone I knew in those areas. It makes them feel much closer to home than they are.

Your weight continuously fluctuates

With the constant change of food come some welcome and unwelcome changes in your weight. Going from a hot climate to suddenly arriving in a freezing cold country known for their pastries… changes are going to happen! My take on the whole thing is that I’ve spent a shit-ton on a ticket – I’m going to try out the local yummy stuff!

Anything you’d like to add to this list? Any of them make you go “Oh my word – yes! That happens to me all the time!”?

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Love from,

Lamb xx

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